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Last Update: April 03, 2019

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. - Maya Angelou

I DID IT, WA Fam! I've been excepted into the Super Affiliate Challenge and I couldn't be more pleased, excited, inspired or grateful. I now have to rise up to the challenge that I have been given. This is truly a gift and I am humbled.

The Top 10 Things that being accepted for this challenge have taught me are:

1.I have a reverence for a solid hustle. Whether it is my own or a member of the community’s, I really admire a burning fire inside. The determination is contagious.

2.We have a vast amount of information available to us at all times to promote constant learning and tools to reach our goals. We all can use our inner genius if we tap into it.

3. The notion that I am on to something great. My passion is ignited; it’s like an endless tank of fuel. WA has lit my creative fire.

4. Action. Plain and simple. Wanting only becomes achieving with doing. Go after greatness. Now. No Excuses.

5. The ability to create change and sustain it. We are creatures of habit. I make mine postive and productive.

6. Deep conversations with strangers. Getting down to the nitty gritty with members of this community can be so profound.

7. Honesty. Just real authentic people, conversations and self-acceptance. I am filled with warmth when I engage in the WA community.

8. Genuine gestures and acts of kindness with no strings attached and no expectation of reciprocity. The place where giving feels like receiving. The Pay It Forward experience.

9. Adventure. Success is a journey and I'm having fun on mine.

10. Radical transformation. I’m talking about world shifting, upside down, 180, step outiside your comfort zone. This challenge will push me to my limits and I'm counting on that. It’s magic and it’s absolutely possible.

      Thank you Kyle and Carson for believing in me!
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                          CarlaNavarro Premium
                          YAAA.congrats qishing you the very best.
                          CalChrisH Premium
                          Well said Amy and congratulations. This is going to be fun!

                          StPaul Premium
                          Happy for you and lets rock it!
                          Twack Premium
                          Awesome news Amy, huge congratulations.
                          manna4star2 Premium
                          Congratulations Amy