NEW WA and OLD WA MEMBERS = Alliance

Last Update: December 01, 2013

I like WA and all it has to offer. I was hoping we can form more of an alliance with each other on Facebook, Twitter, and

I know we need customers, ranking in Google, pay-per-clicks and so on. Perhaps, we can get together in groups of five or ten and "like" and "share" each others: websites, tweets, and post ect.? Let me know what you think. You can add me or connect with me here by:

Let's hear from you!

twitter: ahen205

Connect with me if you like.



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mackiejw Premium
Good idea, added you to my cicle

my google +
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - I've just added you to my WA circle on G+ and followed you on Twitter - my id is: - and twitter is @marktait1971

All the best, Mark
ahen205 Premium
THANK YOU, MARK.. If I didn't add you today then tomorrow....I am on twitter too @ahen205 ...I'm going there to add you NOW. All the best to you. Again, it doesn't have to be daily we "click", "like", and "comment" each others websites and such...maybe twice or once a week....WELCOME ABOARD, Mark!
ahen205 Premium
I love connecting with folks! I hope oneday WA can have a real live conference some place sunny and fun! hint, hint!
vgomber Premium
Brilliant thought :)
ahen205 Premium
If you are seriously interested in connecting with me, please send me PM with your information or openly here. All the best to you$