Don't Pay for Akisment API Key

Last Update: December 04, 2013

Hi WA Affiliates:

You do not have to pay for the AKISMENT API KEY. . I kept wondering why the website asked me for $36 or whatever amount.

You must select PERSONAL

All you have to do is scroll the button to the left and it will say $0. When you scroll to $0, you will get a sad face :( Remember, Akismet is free.

Follow the directions

Obtain the API key

Type it in, follow the directions to install Akismet API Key, and that's it more or less.

I hope that helped someone!



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DoubleTap Premium
Yeah Andrea, I was just reading a post tonight where someone new here paid for it not realizing that they could have had the free version. Good post... great reminder for those going through Cert Training for the first time! Thanks!!!
ahen205 Premium
Thank you, DoubleTap! I was trying to figure out what to do then I just scrolled to the left and WHAM $0! I figured someone "might" try to pay/donate when it is free. Heck, I figured perhaps they should PAY ME to use it because I can always use someone else. Don't you love America--choices. Keep in touch!
ahen205 Premium
Tragic! I figured someone MIGHT try to pay/donate. It's free unless they want to donate but it's free :).
MD_Incognito Premium
General rule of thumb; if you can download it, it's free. If there is a charge, the developers will get their money up front - believe that.
(unless you know a street move or two)
ahen205 Premium
So true!
tommydillard Premium
It is a very good service do when you are making month it would be nice yo op them with a little donation every once in a while
ahen205 Premium
Cool beans for you but the service is free per training. I am all for donations but it is free. No worries to each his own. It's weird how GASP didn't ask for any donations. Oh well it is done. Thanks, Tommydillard!
Damien Lane Premium
Cheers Andrea!
DamGro Premium
PM me when you get a chance.