It's about that "time" again!

Last Update: March 03, 2017

I often get aggravated at some of the topics I consider when thinking about my blog posts.

In all instances, I want my blogs to actually contribute something to our WA Community and to harken to the Bard's admonition that "Brevity is the Soul of Wit". I do not need to be contemplating my navel configuration with my ideas via my blogs. Hence, I seek to inform and enhance the Community through my feeble attempts at wit and wisdom with my posts.

As such, let me be the first to remind the WA Community that in the U.S. we try to manipulate "time". We achieve this monumental coup by changing our "time" twice a year when we move from"Standard" time to "Daylight Savings" time, then back again.

This is a note to let those of you Community Members who will be affected by this arrogant human feat that NEXT SUNDAY -- 12 March 2017 -- we "change" our clocks, hence "time", AHEAD, thus losing one hour of sleep on that Sunday.

I still think it is ridiculous to remain captive to a convention which is an antiquated maneuver designed to accommodate an agrarian economy, which for a period was convenient. It no longer is so.

So, again, do not forget to move your clocks AHEAD NEXT SUNDAY so you will not be late to work or late for some other appointment.

Much of this diatribe is "tongue-in-cheek", but it does seem suspiciously arcane to cling to a practice which has no meaningful purpose in our contemporary technological .epoch.

Were it MY choice, I would set it to the "Daylight Savings" time on a permanent basis and call it "Standard Time" least then, it would be light out when I take my brood to school.

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DKretzman Premium
I'm with you all the way on the "daylight savings" idea. God bless. Donna
GeorgeX Premium
I wholeheartedly agree Arthur, DST permanently!
DebbieRose Premium
I agree. One of the perks of living in Arizona is that we don't change our clocks, which makes the whole thing even more crazy. Debbie
AGOgden Premium
Then, there's one more thing I love about your State!
OTolo Premium
Yes, it has some negative impact on our health but anyway it is something we need to live with. I'm not in USA but here in Europe it wiill be change I think the last Sunday of March so on 26th.
CraigW315 Premium
I couldn't agree with this more. Another point with considering is that when we move clocks forward in spring, there is apparently quite the negative effect on some people's health.