In the 100 "zone"

Last Update: March 27, 2017

Well, I'm here! I am #99 and I am very proud! But it has been all my WA Network members who have helped and who have guided me with a myriad of suggestions and edits.

As you know, I have great apprehensions about spending more time on the Rankings than on the Website. I need to spend MORE time on my website because my family needs me to bring home "the bacon" as the old saying proffers.

But the path getting here was not as onerous as I originally had thought it might be...and that is because of the WA Community and my Network of I thank you, each and every one.

The getting here is only half of's the STAYING here that becomes the challenge...but I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank all of you, Kyle & Carson, Danielle, Massagaroo, Paul, Mike (both of them), Jim, Frankie and the countless other members who have given me boosts along the way.

So it's back to working in the gold mines, now, so I can PRESS ON!

Thanks, again,


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MKearns Premium
Great job on being a 99er today Arthur! Let's give you a big boost to 50!
AGOgden Premium
Thank you, have been a constant inspiration and I value your friendship and your if you are pushing me to 50, then I HAVE to do it for my Yoda!...thanks, again...
MKearns Premium
Love being Yoda I am!
justcruzin Premium
Great job, congratulations.
xanfo Premium
You deserve it Arthur... Congratulations!
mrbill6771 Premium
Congratulations, Arthur!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Well done, Arthur. You always seem to take the time to encourage others. All the best in bringing home a ton of "bacon" !