My Google Intership Light Bulb Moment

Last Update: December 10, 2013

What is up my peeps.

I'll keep this post short.

If you're struggling with terms like keywords, indexing, ranking, finding a niche, keyword research or maybe you're feeling technically challenged, then pause for a moment and hopefully this post will help to give a little perspective.

So I was watching a movie called the Google Intership, starring Vince Vanghun and Owen Wilson the other day.

And there was a comment that was said in the movie that made me think about people who are struggling to make heads or tails of the information in this affiliate marketing game.

Anyway, there's this scene where Vince Vaughuns character was trying to figure out how to master gmail support. He was battling with jargon and the technical aspects of learning what he needed to, to take part in a group challenge the following day.

Sound a little familiar?

When out from nowhere an unassuming bearded dude (who we later find out in the movie, is the Head Of Search at Google) pops up next to him to give him a hand.

Anyway, when Vince's character was struggling to make any sense of the information, the bearded dude said to him ...

"You can do this - This can be learned"

And as weird as it sounds, I instantly thought about my peeps in WA.

BOOM - light bulb moment.

This stuff can be learnt man ... it's just might take you a little time, but once you learn what you need to, your affiliate marketing struggle will be a thing of the past.

The truth is, the only thing that separates you from where you are now, to where you wanna be is "Knowledge and Implementation".

Don't get stuck in the details of having the best layout, or best menu, or pictures etc, because all of that can be changed along the way.

Learn the fundamentals - follow the steps, and just put your shit out there.

And one day - sooner than you think, you would have arrived.

Imagine owning your own profitable online business in a few short months.

I'm living it ... you just gotta learn what I know ... and guess what ... it's all here at WA.

All what's left is for you to start implementing.

So if you get stuck with information overload, or coming to terms with jargon, then let me be the bearded dude that sits next to you and says ...

"You can do this - This can be learned."

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JackieSmith Premium
Inspiring, encouraging words!!
It still applies 4 years later!!
JLennon Premium
Thank you. These are great words, very encouraging.
rabinsmadre Premium
Yes! Thanks again.
OrlandoGee Premium
Thanks again, Frank. Awesome!
ardo54 Premium
Great information..thanks for sharing
affilicoach Premium
No problem Sahra
markstrayer Premium
That was a great blog. I read it 2 and I 've seen that movie at least that.
Thanks Frank
Thandinkosi Premium
Hi Frank, this stuff can be learned I agree just need time and courage .
affilicoach Premium
For sure my friend.
RWB Premium
Hello Frank. After reading your profile and some of your blogs, I just have to follow you to see what you'll put up next. Very informative, easy to read and understand. I've been stuck in phase 1 for a couple weeks but will get back at it now. You are a motivator.

Thanks a bunch.

Randy B
affilicoach Premium
A pleasure Randy.
MarineMom Premium
I really like your style...right to the point. Thank you!!
tribe82 Premium
That is a great summary and a great motivator! Nice tie in to that movie as it is perfectly applicable. Thing is, technology and science; the way things work can be understood! The really brilliant people know how to translate complex ideas into concepts that make sense and can be readily digested. Nice post!
keanmo40 Premium
Great blog post! It's totally true as well. I never dreamed I'd be making my own website just last year but I did it, it is being learned! :)
Charkeya Premium
The learning is not the problem, I'm just having problems with all the writing. I have the knowledge and have learned so much more since I found WA. But you are so right, I have to keep telling myself that 'I can do this'. So your words are reinforcement to me. Thanks.
Belcook Premium
Thanks for sharing!! I am trying despartely to get 2 websites up this weekend or at least get one of them up by tonight!!
affilicoach Premium
No problem. Two websites - way to go. Let me know if you need a hand with anything.
drndhayal Premium
Wow.. Thanks man,
Your words are really a tonic for me now. Just now I was thinking how to fix the problem. thanks once again.
lanesamarie Premium
Great info for those who are struggling and hopefully they can read your post...Thanks for sharing...Nenita