Affiliate Marketing Dream Comes True

Last Update: February 01, 2018

You can’t understand this if you have never stand at the beginning of the road and ready to charge. I have and you are probably seeing the same ahead of your affiliate marketing dream.

1. Your Relatives and Friends are always the 1st to put you down. After being in the business for some time, I realised that there are 2 possibilities that they want to chop you down.

  • i. They care about you and don’t want you to get hurt with the unknown. Sticking with the known and tangible job is safer.
  • ii. They want you to hang around. They just don’t want you to be better than them. Because when you did make your affiliate marketing dream come true, they will look like second grade when compare to you.

But regardless of either the possibilities, you need to put them aside and focus on your online business venture. Ignore them if need be.

2. Once you get over the friends and family, be ready to face Pessimist. To me personally, that’s the worst obstacles of all.
She practise guerrilla attacks and strikes when you are expecting or least expected. To me, pessimist is my reason that Fear is on my journey to make money with affiliate marketing. If you have experience with pessimist, you will know how low you can be when she strikes. You just don’t want to do anything.
By the way, you need to look out for the horrible self doubt and talk when pessimist attacks. They never help in realising your affiliate marketing dream.
But it takes a strong heart to overcome pessimist and the best part this strong heart can be train and is easily accessible.
My personal advice is to gang out more often with like minded people and if possible, get a coach. Your coach will be able to motivate you and show you the right way to achieve your affiliate marketing goal.

3. Just to share with you, it is common to make mistake in your affiliate marketing business.
That’s why you can’t spend too much time dwelling in Guilt. You learn when you make mistake.
No successful person can ever say they never make mistake. But they don’t bang themselves down with guilt.
If you are trying to model them, why should you hang on to guilt?

4. I personally don’t have much obstacle with Society. I guess what the original author trying to express is how our decision can affect the society and with that we might take a long time to consider our move. That in turn will hold us back to make our affiliate marketing dream come true.

5. The last on the road is Fear and it is dress as Death.
So you know, if you give in to fear, your affiliate marketing business is as good as dead.
But knowing my fear was generated from pessimist. I was able to focus on my online business was I dealt with pessimist.
Of course there will be other fears in some of you when you are running your affiliate marketing business. Your job here is to identify your fear and deal with it.

Don’t worry.
Me and many other excellent members are with you all along the way. So just feel free to contact when you need any help )

To your affiliate marketing success,

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Pepiccione Premium
Great Article! I thank you so much for offering your help to the newbies fighting pesimmst! It does happens

Best Regards KC

Pablo "Pabs"
JanetK1 Premium
This is beautifully written with stimulating and insightful ideas.
The social side of WA helps motivate me. The support of the group helps to keep things in perspective.

I have a strong sense that following you will be enjoyable!
Skydancer1 Premium
Then there is "confidence" in knowing you are on the right path, that will get you through some of it, but "passion" and a strong desire to succeed will carry you home to victory. Stay true to what you know, and that is this, 850,000 people are all here doing the same thing, several with many years of success are here to help at any time. Yes stick with like minded people. Keep Rolling.
AD2016 Premium
Thanks Todd for your comment. I've done it 8 years ago and know this community very well )