My progress with WA thus far

Last Update: July 10, 2015

So my progress with WA thus far started out going really fast! I zipped through all the training Except Course 3, set up my website, created content and all that good stuff and then the unimaginable happened. My boyfriend's chocolate lab ATE my laptop! NO JOKE!!! So now I'm having to do what I can on my phone until I replace it next week or two. Think goodness I have a smart phone or this would not even be fun to do. It is quite comical but on the other hand I'm so frustrated that I can't get anything done in the amount of time I want to get it done.

So for now, I'm still going through the training course 3 and doing what I can do on my phone. Slow but steady progress! I'll keep you guys updated. Until then enjoy your day and I'll talk to you soon!


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rushmore1954 Premium
I not only like this I love it!:) I used to raise goldens and shar pei. Often I would have 30 dogs running around. I can't remember all the things they ate. Did your lab transfer any of the computer memory. Good luck and good hunting. "Time is not short, Only life is"
Loes Premium
Very profound doggy food:)
I wish you a lot of patience Anna