How to start with Wealthy Affiliate? - For new members

Last Update: September 30, 2018

How To Start with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has too much stuff, so it can be overwhelming for some new members.

Simply at the beginning and after registration, it as advisable to start to learn and work through the "Training" section:

This course will give you the essential information that you need to build a successful online business and make full-time Income from home slowly.

Quick Tips :-

  • DO NOT hesitate to ask questions.
  • Apply what you learn to accelerate your success.
  • Do not waste your time trying to make everything PERFECT at first!

You have the ability to edit and Improve things continuously after each period of time, this include your personal information, skills, articles, website style, etc.

  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes, always remember that you can turn your mistakes into experiences. Learn from mistakes and you will be definitely an expert and a leader one day!.
  • Don't give up easily! Everyone can be successful. Be patient and think positive.

Have a valuable and wonderful educational journey.

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RaniaM Premium
Thanks Awad for your training.. Very useful for beginners
I like your the training and the illustration
By the way, thanks a lot for helping me through my way in WA..
I really appreciate that..
I expect for you great future here and everywhere because you deserve success.. It's your hard work, persistence and dedication to your work will lead you to great success..
Wishing you all the best
Acell Premium
I greatly appreciate your kind words Rania, Thanks.
Loes Premium
Very nicely written down, Awad, the step-by-step training videos are easy to follow and perfectly tuned and up to date:)
Success doing the certification course:))
Acell Premium
Thank you Loes :) Your words encourage me.
Loes Premium
You started out great, here is a blog to make things even greater: