New beginnings!

Last Update: September 19, 2017

Right, so been away from WA for over 5 months due to tons of reasons worth not going into but all good news. The knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my stay here has been immerse and now I am a better person.

I miss the community spirit, the friendship and the bunter that goes on here.

I miss the live training that goes on, on a weekly basis, even though I never listened to the live training as the time difference is not conducive for me, I always look forward to the recorded version.

I also miss all the answers people tend to offer from their own experiences when others need help.

I miss how easy it is to make friends here.

I miss reading wonderful posts of others achievements. The celebration of success stories!!

I miss the words of encouragement from fellow members.

I miss the selfless and fearless nature of members of this community who are always willing to share and offer help to fellow members.

So I am back now and looking forward to starting afresh.

Now, what do you think I have missed that is worth sharing. If you put a link below, I promise to read the post. :-)

See you all round.. :-)

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lynnsam61 Premium
Sometimes taking a break allows us to realize all that WA offers.
Welcome back!
MKearns Premium
Restarts are allowed Abs Welcome back!
Abs225 Premium
Thank you MK and pleased to be back :-)