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Williamj9 Premium Plus
Hello Abie AJ.
I have a question. I am not good at this create a website. I am lost at this moment. When I click on the button Build My Website when I looked at it all that was there was the title but no content. Am I suppose to write the content for my site. If so I am no writer. Any tips that will help me on this?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Your website is a white canvas once installed and by default we add our own content to it addressing issues in relation

I would chose a niche website I am passionate about and know so well I can create lots of content, so it flows more naturally, however you do not need to be a writer, vs. conversational i.e.. Like explaining something to someone.

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

However if not the case, you may consult with https://answersocrates.com/ - You can search what real people are asking as in Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, in the past, letters and query. It is also great if someone wants to write a thorough research based article.

Other sources include https://Quora.com, https://Answers.com, https://AnswerThePublic.com, YouTube search engine etc.

You may research other peoples work however all content must be originally written in your own words.
Williamj9 Premium Plus
Thank You for responding. I decided to promote the Wealth Affiliate opportunity. I feel that this will get my feet wet and provide me with some confidence;
Bibinassabi8 Premium
Hello AbieAJ's,
I need some advice on accepting their guest post.

This is the email I received:

"The article will be well-written and according to your blog theme. We will provide it to you for review.

Each post may contain a maximum of 4 do-follow links (1 client link, 1 internal link, and 2 high authority links).
Just to make the post look natural. The article will also be shared through your social media handles.

Note: The post should not be marked as sponsored."

Bibinassabi8 Premium
Hello Abie,
I am still waiting to get some help.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
If incoming, I would do my due diligence, are they acting on their behalf or is it through an agency. If sounds too good to be true I walk away. Also if the client website isn't up to standard, they may drag your website downhill.

Outgoing, I would want to know who I am publishing with and is it going to help my business, provided they've accepted my guest post.

Resource below has some ideas

Bibinassabi8 Premium
Thank you, AbiAJ, I really appreciate this information and I will surely follow it.
God Bless You Always! You are very helpful!
Bibinassabi8 Premium
Hello AbieAJ,
I checked the emails he send me.
He is an Outreach Specialist at a 360 Degree Digital PR and Influencer Marketing Agency, with strongholds in Viral Organic Content Marketing and Digital PR campaigns for Brands & Startups.
It is my first time accepting guest post and I don't want to do anything wrong.
I do not want to charge him for his first article, because I want to see it, if it's going to help my site.
Toycannon619 Premium
Thank you for responding to my question regarding menus. I was able to fix the issue through trial and error, and repeating the training a couple times. I guess that will be my experience as I progress through my WA journey.

Thanks again, it's nice to see that people actually get involved.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You are most than welcome!

Feel free to reach out when needing help or have further questions, however I am super happy you were able to fix your menu.

redirect22 Premium
Hi again Abie,

I put in the affiliate disclosure it shows up in one theme but not the other. How long does it take for the website to change from one theme to another? I think I lost some pictures in the transaction. I can see them in my back office but no one else can see them. Everyone says I need to put pictures and that´s the first thing I did but you can´t see them, only in the back office. Is this normal? Perhaps I should ask for site support? Okay, thanks again Abie.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
It should change instantly.

You may need to empty the browser cache, refresh and try again. Try URL in a different browser or mobile device.

You can also empty servers cache.
Websites > Site Manager > Details > Sitespeed > Empty site cache

These three posts don't have a featured image

But the rest on page are okay.

I would also try the urls with a different browser logged out.

But yes if an issue persists, you may reach out to site support

redirect22 Premium
Hi, again Abie,

Okay, I will try it. Hope it works. I also reached out to web support because of the pictures. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

Thanks Abie!
redirect22 Premium
Hi Abie,
How are you? Hope fine. I hate to bother you but I find myself in a royal mess. I´ve been working so hard on my site and I chose the Avadanta Dark theme because I liked its elegance. I tried to change the color of the widgets from black to another color but it was still black. Thought it made my site too dark and just added Twenty Twenty One theme which is lighter and more pleasant. Now I have 5 themes and I am trying to delete the themes I´m not using but I can´t. I know I have to wait because I just did the changes but how do I eventually delete the other themes that I am not using? My site health status informs me to delete unused themes.

Perhaps if it´s not too much to ask you can also have a quick look at my site: elevatehealthylifestylechoices.com.

Also, you mentioned something about a live chat. Is that daily?

Thanking you in advance Abie for your kind assistance.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I happen to have read your recent blog post.

Just had a look at your website and I was reading the stress post, i noticed you have a link that's supposedly going to YouTube but it isn't - so it needs be checked and the other going to Amazon.

As now you are displaying affiliate links, you need to have an affiliate disclosure on site.

Also affiliate programs are covered in depth at Level 3 of OEC

It should be clearly visible in the primary menu. Disclosure is typically a page.

You also need a shorter disclosure as close as possible to the first affiliate link in a post, either above or below the link.

For Amazon, it has to say "as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualified purchases" and this has to be directly above your first Amazon link in post.

For site healthy please see below resource To remove themes, you go to Appearance > Themes, you click on a theme, bottom right click delete.

However, it is always advisable to keep a back up theme, you can do with the Twenty Twenty Two and just in case the current theme installed fails.

Scheduling event, you may see below resources


I hope you will be able to resolve and if not you may always reach out to site support


Kindly let us know how you get on, and when needing help or have further questions.
Always a pleasure to be of assistance.

Thank you for reaching out.
redirect22 Premium
Thank you very much Abe I´ll look into it. Your response was rather quick! Thanks again.