Why Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: July 19, 2017

1. You are getting paid for performance.

2. You can add good volume if your product sells well.

3. The more exposure to customer is the better. Try to reinforce your right message to get more eye balls and try something that can help you to do it.

4. You choose any kind of affiliate program you want. Me have chosen Wealthy Affiliate and do not want to discount it? Don't do discounts or affiliates bidding on your brand? Make a clear policy and enforce it. You have a lot of control.

5. Things will go well and you have a network to motivated people who are willing to work to sell your product, or you can work on your own to make the sales.

6. You can build more than one websites in different niches for more sales and income.

7. You will be able to build your own Kingdome if you learned all the different methods of learning within WA.

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shaviar Premium
I agree with you. Just yesterday I went on the ClickBank website to sign up as a affiliate. However, they had a lengthy marketing video promoting a platform teaching newbies how to create their own products and make money promoting other people's products within the ClickBank marketplace. There are some drawbacks to consider before joining. They also say we’ll be getting our very own “certification” in making money online when the training is completed… this part is really just a marketing gimmick though.
After paying the initial fee. You are immediately taken to an ‘upgrade’ page for ClickBank Builder 2.0. I personally cannot stand these kinds of upsells but unfortunately they are very common. Why? They make vendors and affiliates a lot more money. It’s never a nice feeling when you’ve just paid for something only to find out there’s more stuff to buy in order for it to “really work” which they’ve conveniently left out of the sales pitch.
The CB Builder (squeeze page/ sales funnel builder) costs $594 and while it’s not 100% essential, the training is primarily geared for people who have purchased this. It’s going to be difficult for beginners to follow the training without purchasing this.
If you are new to all of this stuff then you’ll need to somehow figure out how to build your own squeeze pages and sales funnel system ‘somewhere’ else. Apart from building your sales funnel there are other key aspects of the training you’ll need to figure out on your own without buying CB Builder 2.0. Such as installing the Facebook pixel code for Facebook advertising and tracking purposes. Safe to say I wasn’t very impressed with this given there was zero mention of it on the sales video.

Conclusion, I am so glad that I choose WA!!!
pablocortina Premium
Good points, Abdul. Thank you.
MKearns Premium
Add dedicated performance and you have a perfect package Abdul!
dpanic63 Premium
Well said.
These rules and tools have to be learned so be able to create a business and career.
So its about finding the RIGHT teachers and vehicle.
I believe that no matter where your goals take you this will always be a valuable aid.
"You can only lower to the height of your training "
Enjoy the process and thanks for the post.
Rawan7784 Premium
I don't think you'll find all these features in any other website, we're lucky we joined WA.
abdul11 Premium
sure we are