My journey to Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 05, 2019

When entering the WWW for the first time it's like taking a surfboard into the ocean. Its vast and overwhelming. Your arms can steer you in a certain direction but currents can easily pull you out to sea. It is fun and can become addictive BUT it is also dangerous. So when you start exploring this huge blue ocean on your little board you need help. You need help from someone that has done it before. So you start paddling towards all the different crafts in the ocean. From small rowing boats to massive cruise liners, that have all the bells and whistles. Each captain has their own story. "Its much better being a small boat as I am nimble and can navigate the coming storm" verses "No!!! Its much better being big and bulky as you can withstand the storm."

And so you go from boat to boat trying to discover the secrets hidden in the depths of the ocean. You realise that you can actually maybe make a living from exploring the ocean. You start getting excited and move faster between the boats getting advice from captains and crew members. Some of these boats look very glitzy from your surfboard but once you get on board it's a different story. Some of these boats actually want to charge you to come on board. And some of these boats actually make you walk the plank once you discover their false claims of hidden treasure and secret islands.

You start speaking to other surfers to find out their stories of hidden coves and pristine sandy beaches. At some point however you realise that the treasures of the ocean are hidden deep beneath the surface. And guess what? Not many boats (or surfers) have been to the bottom of the ocean. The captains have the maps of the ocean floor and the crew know the legends of Moby Dick, Hydra and the Kraken. However, you can't find someone who has actually explored the depths of the ocean.

You realise you need to start looking somewhere else.

You turn to submarines and deep sea vehicles(DSV). You discover that the deepest parts of our oceans are the least explored places on planet earth. There is a place called Challenger Deep, 11km below the surface of the ocean where you experience severe water pressure and a complete absence of sunlight . You read about DSVs like Alvin and Deepsea Challenger. And then one day you discover a DSV called Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

You do further research on WA and feel you have finally found the vehicle. A vehicle with a captain and crew that have actually been to the depths of the ocean. You feel this is the right vehicle to help you on your journey of discovery. As you are about to make that final step, you are intercepted by a submarine called SS. They try to convince you that their submarine is the real thing and that it goes deeper and further than any DSV. They have even produced their own lengthy report comparing their unique DSV to WA. "OK, lets say I believe your 'independent' report, let me come on board to check out your deep sea vehicle."

"Well it's so unique that you need to pay to come on board." (Remember that glitzy cruise liner).

That just doesn't make sense! If you are so convinced that you have a better vehicle than WA and they allow me to come on board for free why are you charging me? Anyway after that short and necessary distraction my mind was made up. I was ready to board the WA Deep Sea Vehicle to experience life on board firsthand.

Wow what an experience it has been over the last few days. Simple to understand instruction manuals and videos. How to discover uncharted waters, where to look, what equipment you need, how to prepare yourself for the unknown and more. The whole user experience made it feel so simple to navigate. This was all great but not the best part of WA.

The best part was the crew. I discovered a crew that I could go to war with. A crew that is caring and wanting to ensure you succeed on your voyage. Complete stranger offering help and sharing good wishes. This is the real success of WA. It's always about the people.(The original title of this blog) With this people around me I felt like I could not fail. I felt like I could overcome any obstacle. I felt like a super hero. Aquaman, Iron Man, Batman and Superwoman(gender sensitive) rolled into one. Hell I felt like Buzz Lightyear. With this crew I could go to INFINITY AND BEYOND...


PS Thanks to the founders of WA for putting together a wonderful and easy to use platform. However, make no mistake your biggest contribution to society has been the friendship and trust you have built up amongst your members. In today's world of people wanting to continuously outplay each other and fake news it is refreshing to come across a group of people that are there just to support and encourage you with nothing in return. It is the main reason that I signed up as a premium member on Christmas day 2018. Looking forward to a journey of discovery.

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wildred Premium
Great writing. It is so true, I was up on the surface dog paddling when a random surfer said follow me. And here I am.
Fleeky Premium
Fully agreed...