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So, I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program on Christmas day last year and Wow what a journey it has been. I could never have imagined that I would learn so much about online marketing over such a short period.The training is so simple to understand and the whole WA programme just works so seamlessly. That is the outcome of good design well done to the designers and developers that are working behind the scene. Since Christmas I have launched two sites, been ranked by Google and even set up a
A big shout out to everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. I took the decision to join as Premium member on Christmas day and the learning curve has been off the chart. I cant believe how much Ive learnt about affiliate marketing and making money online over such a short period.Before joining WA the online business seemed really complicated and a mystery. So many different sites promising you the world and sending you in different directions(see my first blog). I cannot believe how simple and user frie
When entering the WWW for the first time it's like taking a surfboard into the ocean. Its vast and overwhelming. Your arms can steer you in a certain direction but currents can easily pull you out to sea. It is fun and can become addictive BUT it is also dangerous. So when you start exploring this huge blue ocean on your little board you need help. You need help from someone that has done it before. So you start paddling towards all the different crafts in the ocean. From small rowing bo