Leaving At Least For Now

Last Update: March 31, 2016

Unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from staying in WA at least for now.

After 9 months of training and website building, I will be leaving WA, at least temporarily.

I really want to thank the entire WA community for being there for me and helping me along the way. I came here to learn about building and maintaining a website and I believe that WA has helped me reach that goal.

Due to my busy schedule however, I fear that I will not be able to put enough $ and time to be able to stay in WA. G-d willing I hope to return soon.

thanks again and I really hope for everyone to have great success here!

- Ariel B.

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BenElijah Premium
Sad to see you go, Ariel. I've also left (and came back) a number of times when things were getting tight. Wherever you go you should have much hatzlocho and fulfill your tafkid in life! :)
Juan7693 Premium
Sad to know you are leaving :-(
Anyway, hopefully you will find the time and strength again!
Best of luck on stabilising your circumstances!
Cheers, Juan