With your dilegence and persevernce you will succeed

Last Update: January 23, 2018

Hey everyone , Jack is back at you with my updates, as a WA affiliate mareketer. When I began I was somewhat my usual stubborn self that did not want to follow instructions to the key, I have always had that problem somewhat, also I have a very busy full time job, so starting out was defineatly a huge struggle also due to not lack of computer savvy skills.

This is my first endeveor in this field, as may be true to so many of you out there, I almost gave up, however I have never been a quiter, so what I did was come to the realization that I need to follow the course to the tee, the more I did just that the more simpler the process became along with asking questions. That part is huge do not feel shy everyone will help you, that is what happened for me and the more questions I asked the more computer savvy I became. At this time my course is complete other than a few more social items I need to complete because I srtuggle with that concept as well, partially because I was never one for socal media, now I understand the relance of it as well.

At this point in time I have 20 posts and 5 pages that are looking stronger everyday, and I am looking forward to the months ahead in which will bear the fruits of my dilegence. Thank you everyone for your support, sincerely Jack

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MKearns Premium
Keep it up jack. You're in the stratosphere already!
RandyL1 Premium
Keep going Jack nicely done!

DEversley Premium
Congrats, Jack!
Doing very well!
ContentBySue Premium
Sounds like everything is shaping up nicely, Jack! Diligence and perseverance is definitely the way to succeed.

All the best,
GBridgart Premium
You're doing well keep it up