Why I renewed my WA membership.

Last Update: August 01, 2016

I've been meaning to write this tiny post about 30 days ago on the anniversary of my WA premium subscription.

To all of you who have doubt if this is the real deal, I can assure you it is. I'm not saying this is the solution to all your problems or that you will make tons of cash through it and be able to quit your job, because quite honestly I know most of you will fail.

I'm not saying this to dishearten you or brag because if you know me, or followed my journey which I document on my website, you know that I am no where near where I want to be.

What I do however want to share with you, is a message I kept hearing when I was asking the pro's how they managed to make thousands of dollars every month online.

That message is, keep blogging, keep learning, keep reading, keep educating yourself, keep at it, ask questions, learn from others, find your mentor KEEP FIGHTING!

My success has been really slow and like I said I haven't reached my goals yet. Far from it!

But if you look at my stats, I went from absolute ZERO to $713 affiliate sales within a year. And those are just my Wealthy Affiliate earnings. This basically covered my 2 year subscriptions here and looking at the graph I will most likely make more the coming year.

What my stats don't show here is the other earnings I've made thanks to WA!

If I would have focused more and not given in to other stupid programs, I know I would have made a lot more.

(Feel free to see my other earnings on my website but should be around $4,000 total).

So from having no clue how to create a website, I managed to make a nice few thousands on the side.

My current online earnings are almost entirely passive since I haven't done much in the past few weeks.

So with that being said, keep blogging, keep learning, keep at it, keep educating yourself, keep asking questions and keep fighting. Don't get distracted, stick to the program and you'll make what I made in a year, within the next few months!

Good luck,


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1signbanner Premium
Thanks what-ever-your-name-is. Your post has not come at a better time. I am about to renew my subscription.

Take care.

JohnMks Premium
Well said!
3ss1m4n Premium
Thanks :)
Backontrack Premium
3ss1m4n Premium
Thank you :)
JudeP Premium
I agree - never ever give up on your dreams :)