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I've been meaning to write this tiny post about 30 days ago on the anniversary of my WA premium subscription.To all of you who have doubt if this is the real deal, I can assure you it is. I'm not saying this is the solution to all your problems or that you will make tons of cash through it and be able to quit your job, because quite honestly I know most of you will fail.I'm not saying this to dishearten you or brag because if you know me, or followed my journey which I document on my website, y
Hey guys,Just wanted to write this quick post on how I made $250.Sometimes you don't have to expect money coming through affiliate sales.The other month I created a roundup for my blog and shortly after it was posted, one of the super affiliates asked me to create a roundup for his blog. In return I got paid $250 plus a 30 min consultation on a website of mine. He also asked if I'd prefer to get his course (worth $500) for free instead of the $250 but I told him I'm already enrolled to the best
January 13, 2016
As you may or may not know, guest blogging or posting is incredibly valuable for traffic generation.I've managed to get a couple of guest posts on some famous blogs and every time it's proven to have boosted my traffic a little.Typical results of a guest blog is doubling my traffic (if not more). I found this result so fascinating I even created a training here on WA: now I'm on the hunt for some guest bloggers to guest post on my blog!Why
December 24, 2015
First of all let me say merry Xmas and happy holidays to all of you. I hope you have a great holiday and spend it with the ones you love the most.I just wanted to write a quick post on how much I've achieved in 2015. Before I found Wealthy Affiliate I was almost depressed at how much I hated my life. I was working for the biggest investment bank in the world and although the money was ok, I had no private life!My girlfriend and I were fighting daily because I was so stressed and unhappy and I w
November 10, 2015
Hey Everyone,It's been a while since I've written a post in here.Just wanted to let everyone know I've been focusing more on my website and content as well as studying, than helping out within the community.Of course I think helping others out is one of the best features in WA, but many people mistake what they should be prioritizing.As I've said, I have been focusing a lot more on my website and as a result, I've made a massive leap forward.I'm reaching the $100 benchmark for the first time si
September 10, 2015
Do not panic!I'm not quitting don't worry :) I was just asking myself how many people have thought about quitting and how long they've been part of this group?I don't see myself quitting within a whole year at least! Even if I've already faced struggles and hurdles, I always manage to get back up and continue adding content almost every day!I was however wondering how many people join WA on a daily average, how many set up a profile, how many go premium and how many quit???I'm sure there's a lo
So since I am a typically impatient person, I decided to start the Get Started Course as well. (I have been doing the bootcamp since I joined WA about 2.5 months ago.)I have completed the first two phases rather quickly but I have been trying to write a post every day as well. Unfortunately it isn't as easy as I imagined and I actually have a lot more trouble writing posts for my niche site.However I am way more passionate about my niche site because I simply love my niche :DHave a look at my
Hey guys,I just wanted to say that I've read from other people before that they aren't too happy about the responses they got from the site feedback feature, in the siterubix section.I was lucky the first time I tried it, when I was still very new to WA.Now that I'm in my 3rd month I am looking for some constructive feedback or criticism but both times I've gotten very poorly written answers that didn't help me out at all.There should be a minimum answer of 100 words or something plus a certain
July 24, 2015
Hey Guys,Yesterday I wanted to blast through my latest lesson of the bootcamp course, which was all related to Pinterest.Now since starting the Bootcamp, I created a Pinterest account to pin each and every post I created from that day on. Yesterday, I couldn't log in after my latest pin and when I contacted them directly, they said my account was suspended due to Spamming my account!!!I had a total of maybe 15 pins in 5 different categories so I don't know how they could see that as spamming. Be
Hey everyone,I wanted to write a short post on my first referral as well as my first credit. When I joined WA I got my friend and my father to join as well. Since I was using a free account I didn't get the credits for these two referrals, which didn't bother me.The first real referral joined about a month later, but the person still hasn't set up their account. I wonder why?I guess I just want everyone to try and give my inactive friend and my inactive referral a warm welcome and maybe some mot