Developing Your Passion

Last Update: August 13, 2014

Developing Your Passion

In order to develop your passion you may take need some time to find out new interest and call for some risk.

And try to write fulfillment curve in mind.

Need a few proceedings to ponder upon your dream lifestyle. Close your eyes, and see what would be a really fulfilling life for you.

Individually, write down your answers to these questions:

If you had 100 million dollars in the bank and you didn’t have to work for a living, what would you do with your time?

If you knew you were going to drop dead in a year, how would you spend your final yr?

If What would you like to be doing 1 year from now, 3 years, the rest of your life from today, at the final stage of your lifetime?

Equally, you’re imagining your dream lifestyle, please sustain the “Fulfillment Curve” in the judgment.

The “Fulfillment Curve” is a concept discussed in the some book, “Your Money or Your Life”.

The concept is that as you spend more money you move from basic survival, to comfort, and eventually to luxury.

At some point in time you have all that will bring your fulfillment.

At a specific point you may or may not understand that nothing will get you additional fulfillment.

Formerly we deliver everything we need, comfort, and a satisfying amount of luxuries most people believe themselves to suffer enough at a certain stage in their lifetime.

Enjoyment of what money brings into our life is fully experienced at the peak of the curve.

Personal freedom allows the opportunity to hold action along our businesses for others.

We will try to address the demands and wants of others. Our event on the universe as a whole brings us both emotional comfort and reward.

“Your Money or Your Life” talks around this concept in detail and is a must read for anyone who desires to experience true wealth or ultimate freedom.

It’s more than a book about money, it’s about drawing lines between our actions and our fulfillment. It instructs you to align your spending and earning with whatever brings you fulfillment in life.

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Debbi26 Premium
Good questions. I'll have to look at the book. Thanks.
CarlaIves Premium
Good thinking points!
jazminf Premium
Sounds like a great book, gotta look into it. Thank you for sharing:)
Damien-P Premium
I haven't read those books. I'll have to check them out, thanks!
Also, keep up the great work!