My Greatest Success at WA

Last Update: November 09, 2013

Hi everyone, I joined WA in October 2013 and although I was a little skeptical at first I am now glad that I’m a WA member. My progress has been surprisingly fast and I can honestly say that I have learned more in a month at WA than I have in the years of listening to, and reading so called “internet guru” junk!. I would also like to add that my experience so far at WA has been friendly, fun and honest.

Ever since experiencing a profound and personal occurrence relating to the subject I was compelled to take a serious and closer look at the healing arts. The website I’ve created is aptly named: If I was asked about any successes that I have had, I would say that by finding WA in itself is my greatest success. Ironically, I came across WA while I was searching Google for particular.................

website to check whether or not it was an internet scam. As I looked through the listings I noticed WA in the corner of my eye. In a nut shell that was it, I have not looked back since. Thank you Kyle.

My day job sometimes involves helping people to set personal health related goals.A technique that we use to assist in this process is called: SMART goal setting.In essence, when setting a goal it should be S= Specific, M= measurable, A= achievable, R= realistic, and T= Timely.

When I apply this method my plans for the next 3 months I can see where my goals are: S= being specific and continue adding relevant post to my website. M= I am able to measure my progress by regular reviewing actions and outcomes. A= asking myself is my goal achievable will help to stay motivated and focused. R= my goal is realistic because I have access to a computer and I can dedicate some of my time and energy to sitting in front of it and pressing some buttons. T= my goals are timely because I can place my goals in a time frame and know what to I expect to see at month 3 or month 6.

After 3 months I expect more quality and relevant post to be added to my blog, more visitors and at least one affiliate program set up. After 6 months I will continue with developing my blog and adding quality posts. There will be at five affiliate programs and I expect my blog to begin attracting at least 20-40+ visitors per month.

I am now in the process of freeing up some space on my computer by getting rid of some useless junk downloads that promised me much but delivered only wasted time and frustrations. But hey, that was the past, now with WA its a new, bright and refreshing beginning, I'm happy to be here.

Thanks WA

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Gordi Premium
I found WA the same as you did, Paleon. Was checking up on some "guru" program, that was promising to make me a millionaire in a few months' time.
I love this place. I've learned so much useful information, that I am applying to building my business.
Bald Eagle Premium
Of course I didn't go look at your site until Deb said what she did.
Absolutely brilliant looking and the article titles look very interesting. Will definitely read
DebHumphries Premium
I agree with Bald Eagle and I also wanted to say, I love the topic of your website as well as the colors you have chosen.

I will make it a point to go back and read through and comment on some of your articles.

I think it would be great if you could add some social share buttons, so we can help you spread the word about your articles on Facebook and other networks.

I look forward to following your progress, sounds like your mapping out a realistic plan for success.
Bald Eagle Premium
A smart plan is always one that has long term goals. This is an awesome and very realistic approach. I won't wish you luck because you don't need it.
SamTea Premium
Yeah, stay on that track of your actions and mood.