Take it to the Limit, One More Time

Last Update: November 09, 2020

Do you have what it takes to take it all the way to the limit and way past? Well, the real question is do I. I'm sure there are others here who have experienced great success in their chosen field and lost it all.

So how to get back in the fast lane? I would say the first step was joining WA but it's not. I have spent I don't know how much on software, plans and systems. Some out and out ripoffs, some just dubious and some actually worth it but not like taking a limo back to easy street.

Even easy street isn't easy. So when I come to that fork in the road I take it. Almost every time. Sometimes that leads to falling off of a cliff. That' a ,metaphor. There are no cliffs where I live. Not even high hills. People from northern states tend to believe even the wildest stories about Louisiana. More than once I have talked about some of my schoolmates who were to slow to avoid being eaten by alligators while walking home from school.

So no cliffs here. Not even fire on the mountain or lightning on the ridge. Just put me on the highway and show me a sign. I'll take it to the limit one more time.

And that's where I could have stopped and had a nice little short post. But why say 219 words when 500, 600, and 700 can still be said?

Yesterday a good friend asked me what I thought about something. I told her but that's not the point. We aren't allowed tp promote ourselves or put our affiliate links here. But there are people here with just about every kind of skillset you can imagine.

What if there was sort of job board? Not like classified ads really where you could say "I'll enhance your site for SEO." or "I'll create a full length professional video." I'm talking about a one way street. Say if you were looking for somebody to write a 2000 word post or fix your wordpress problems or build your site you could post it and anybody interested could contact you by PM and you could negotiate from there.

That seems better than outsourcing it somewhere else and taking your chances. If the work was given to people here in WA you would be more likely to get quality work done without getting ripped off. Call it the Insource Board or something similar.

They say the sky is the limit but I'd rather boldly go where i've been before

And that's my take on things for today. i really need a catchy signoff phrase for these posts.

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jghwebbrand Premium
Interesting thought! But probably complicated!.
Great idea to give suggestions.
mertens Premium
Good old Eagles...

I've suggested something similar a few years back. It's like flogging a dead horse.
Still think it is a great idea but there are too many obstacles.
Agree with the comment below.

There is still the opportunity to set up a network of able members.
Someone has to drive the project and I'm too lazy to be that someone.
I would contribute though...

zydegeaux Premium
The project couldn't be set up at all without Kyle and Carson
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - the idea of a job board has been suggested before, but it would be fraught with problems. Take your example of writing a 2000 word post. I personally would charge a minimum of $100 for that, as I am a professional writer. However, another member might offer to do it for $20.

What if the cheaper writer wrote something so poor it couldn't be used? Then you are getting into an area where people would have to rate somebody's work using a review or star system to stop others being taken in. It would lead to division and ill feeling among the community.

Just because somebody is a member here, doesn't necessarily mean they produce quality work. Just my thoughts, so put me on a highway and show me a sign..
zydegeaux Premium
That's a valid point. You get what you pay for. Still, i have gotten quality work done through Fiverr. I usally don't hire somebody just because he is the cheapest at a particular task. The last time I used Fiverr I hired somebody to make a logo for Linkedin. It was beautiful and he made it just like I described what I wanted, It was $10. Only trouble was when I downloaded it and looked at it carefully the Fiverr watermark was still on it. When I messaged the guy he never answered. I had already authorized the payment so there was nothing I could do.

The watermark is barely noticeable so I went ahead and used it anyway.
zydegeaux Premium
Another point s that you are well known within the community so somebody looking for quality work might be inclined to hire you because they feel like they know you and that you can be trusted