NYC Marathon!

Last Update: October 21, 2015

Hey guys... so, on Nov 1st, I'll be running the NYC marathon!!! :D I'm really excited as I'll be turning the trip into a mini holiday (of course - if you've read my blog you'll already know i'm an avid traveller ;) ) so, if any of you are from/have ever been to New York, please feel free to gimme some advice on sights to see/things to do/places to eat etc!! :D

Also (although I don't want anyone on here to feel pressured... or like I'm using this platform to promote my own stuff - I do appreciate that none of you actually know me in person) I will be running the marathon in aid of the stroke association... whilst I was living in China, my aunt died from a series of strokes but I was unable to get home to say my goodbyes - running this marathon, in her memory, is my way of doing just that :) If you feel like you'd like to sponsor me, please visit my sponsorship page - if not, thank you for reading anyway!! :)

Love you all!!


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SPH2 Premium
Hey Zoe! Good luck :)
ZoeM Premium
Thank youuuuu!! :D