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Last Update: February 29, 2016

Hi Everyone, well here goes. I have been with (WA) for aprox a month now and juggling between a full time job and trying to create and construct a web site from scratch is quite a daunting task and thought. On the 16th Feb i became a premium member and have not looked back since.

Wealthy Affiliates has allowed me to believe in myself and although i believed myself to be Computer savvy how wrong could i have been. I have learnt so much from the lessons and the live interaction (in live chat) and at the moment i am on Course 4 lesson 7. My website still needs quite a lot of work in regards to more content and finishing off and fine tweaking. I still ponder over if i should change the theme completely on my website or leave it as it is. I have had some comments and have reached a few people though social networks i.e Facebook, Google+, Pinterest & Twitter, but i don't seem to be attracting any real traffic as yet on my site. I have faith that with time and perseverance it will all come together.

I value the community here at (WA) and have needed help several times and have only had to ask in the live chat area where there was someone willing to help almost immediately, without waiting around for days for an answer to a problem. My website is all about CCTV information and advice and i will be honest and say its been hard work trying to get everything in place and the basic content in for the general public to few and read, but i still have a very long way to go.

I have learnt that in this business you do need a lot of patience and with time you will reap the rewards, I have made about 15 Euros so far which basically equates to be a million euros to me because its all about your own hard work and sweat in constructing a website to generate traffic, interaction and an attentive audience and following and of course some sort of income. Before actually doing this myself i was very sceptical about making money through the internet and now i believe it can actually happen and you can have a lot of fun as well while on this road of learning and achieving.

The next three months i would really like to get my website to a point where its actually receiving regular visitors and a good flow of traffic and by the 6th month i would like to hopefully be on a second website which should take me a third of the time to construct as i will hopefully know exactly what i am doing!

Thank you Wealthy Affiliates!

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Mooruth Premium
Well done mate! That's great that you've managed to monetise your site so quickly, good work
TamaraP Premium
Wow, that sounds great! Wish you much success.
zipppp50 Premium
Thanks Tamara..... Just had a peek at your two websites and your leaps and bounds ahead of me...Lol. Good luck and all the best Cheers