Korean Spammy Links! Help needed!

Last Update: February 10, 2019

Hi everyone,

Recently I have published a post about me being hit by Google algorithm update. Well, after some investigation I have come up with the possible reason for this and that I might have been wrong with Google

Since about the same time, around 15th Jan, I have noticed extreme amount of 404 pages in console that look as follows.


These are pages that those spammy websites are referring to and Google is trying to rank them, but because they don't exist there is nothing to index and I get loads of 404s.

Also when I check my backlinks profile I see over a 100 spammy websites poiting to similar non-existing pages of my web.

So, you understand the matter of issues I can see over a 1000 errors like this in a console and I have received over 9000 backlinks like this from over a 100 domains.


I am a bit afraid as this is something I have never seen before so, I am not sure what action should I take.

In reality, I have only two options available:

1. Leave it as it is and hope Google just ignores it and it will go away eventually.

2. Don't leave it as it is and disavow these links with hope that I will continue to grow as I have been doing until mid Jan. This option is something I have in plan to do.

Just hope someone more experienced would be able to look at this and advise as I believe I might not be alone in this.



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Zenicek Premium
Thanks for your help. But this is not exactly what I need. I don't see any referral traffic in analytics from it. All this is happening in the console where it creates a mess when spammy websites are pointing to non-existing URLs and Google is trying to rank them which creates a false 404s over 1000 times.