Google Jan '19 update - got hit!

Last Update: January 18, 2019

So, here is the thing.

Apparently Google has released a new update last weekend.

The bad thing is:

I got hit!

I was seeing such a big progres since beginning of Jan as of this week, the traffic has significantly dropped.

You can read more about the update here!

Since this is a first time for me i would like to get some advice from more experienced people about next steps I should make.

Hopefully tips you provide help others as well as me.

Thanks so much!

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MarionBlack Premium
It appears that the sites which "got hit" are those that rewrite other people's content or scrape content from other sites. If you're not guilty of doing that then you have nothing to worry about. Just keep writing your original content and you'll be fine.
Zenicek Premium
Well I am not guilty of that however, I am using information from my research. How much of it counts as scrape or copy?
MikaelM Premium
It is difficult to say much without more info about your site.

First of all, it is a fairly new update so it might still come back from it.

Secondly, what do you mean when you say hit? What was your traffic before and what is it now, if you do not mind sharing?

Just because sometimes it might seem like a hit if a site goes from 100 visits to 50 visits per day but it might just be fluctuations. The fluctuations can even be hundreds of visits difference on sites with more traffic.

I am not an expert on Google penalties, but in general it is difficult to say much without more info.
Zenicek Premium
The traffic wasnt high before. I was just approaching 30 a day and since the weekend it was dropping to 16-12 and today it's only 3 people.

I dont want to share niche here, but via PM.
MikaelM Premium
No problem you don't want to share niche - I understand.

When the traffic was not higher before, I would not be too worried yet.

Fluctuations just happen and it seems very brutal when there is not much traffic yet - I know from personal experience:-)

But think from what you are telling it is is too early to say if there are problems because if the update. Unless you know you have done something shady.

If not, I would try not to look at analytics for about a week or so and just keep working and then keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

Maybe someone else here has a different opinion and then it would, of course, be great to hear. This is just my initial thought from what you are saying.
Zenicek Premium
Yes it does look brutal.

And i haven't done anything shady at all. I put readers first to provide as much value as I could give in my articles
MikaelM Premium
Then I would try to be a bit patient for now even though I know it is difficult. And also see what other members here say, but that is my best advice for now.