Second Month Update For Super Affiliate Challenge

Last Update: Jun 27, 2019

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For awhile this month I thought it was going well. I was really excited when I was notified that three of my articles had been indexed by Google. Even though I am not sure exactly what this means, but I know it is a positvie thing. I was really happy and excited. Then I got notified that one of my comments on comment site was disapproved. Since then I have done nothing on the challenge.

My ego is very fragile at this point and this was all it took. I just don't know whether to continue to try or not. I had gone in to it very positively, but still nothing is happening. Still not making any money. Today I read a blog that said that some people have suggested that this is a scam. I don't know who to trust any more. I have tried so many things and nothing works. I was used to making big money and now I can't even pay all of my bills every month. I just feel like such a failure with everything; with all of my life.

Today I was notified that I was indexed for another article. I guess I am going to try to do a little writing today. I still have 5 blogs to write and I should do more comments. I have worked on keywords but probably could work on more. I have not put up any of my content for comments. Not sure I am ready to do this.

Anyway, this is where I am at this point. I hope I can get back some of my enthusiasm and start to move on again. Not sure. Still thinking about this.

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Hi Sandra,

indexing is where Google comes to your content and crawls it with a robotic process commonly referred to as Google Bot.

long story Google knows that you exist, the key is to create more content so Google comes back, the next step is to get that content ranked and if you are following the processes here in WA then that will happen as well.

Don't panic about about the comments, it can take a little to get our heads around the process,

Comments are related to the content so we are commenting as a visitor would relate to the content.

What trips people up is that they start to write a review about the website instead of the content or post. The commenting platform has just been upgraded you may find this post by Carson helpful.

Crunch time Sandra, try to kick that sentiment into the curb, we all of us can get to that point where we feel as if things are not running according to plan, I know it can be hard try not to look back just look forward.

Doesn't matter how we got to where we are, what matters is what we are doing to change the "where we are now" that counts.

I know it sounds a little trite but, keep on going.

The WA process works, just get back into it, it can be easy to get the wobbles when things are not panning out the way we think that they should.

If you get stuck just reach out.

Thanks for your kind words. I did just what you said. I commented on the website and not the content. I will try to get started again.

A lot of members get caught out on that one, you will be good to go now, Sandra.


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