Making Some Progress On Super Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Last Update: May 02, 2019

Beginning Blog

I have never written a blog to go on Wealthy Affiliate Blog. I am so afraid of making a mistake. I am never quite sure of what I am doing on the computer. After all of these years, I still am pretty computer illiterate. I am trying, however, and do want to succeed in this challenge. Anyway, I want to tell you a little about what I have done here so far.

My Logo

Easter weekend I went to visiting my family about 200 miles from where I live. One of my relatives is a graphic artist so I asked her to help me as I was having some difficulty with it. I got the logo done and love it. I am so excited with it and felt so great. Now I have a logo. It really meant something to me--like I owned it now.

However, even the graphic artist could not get the logo to the top of the image. She tried everything and still couldn't no matter what she did. She did manage to get it to the top of the side bar, but was unable to put it where it should have been. She showed me on other sites where it should go and how to get it there, but that place was not there for us to do that.

If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it. As I said I am so proud of my logo.

Other Accomplishments

I have written 6 blogs for my site. I still have to refine some of them in the next couple of weeks and plan to write another one tonight. I start out writing with a bang and have a lot of keywords and ideas, but I run out of words by the end. I have a problem embellishing them. Many of them are not very long for this reason. I have to work on this. I had written a review previously and I went through it and added to it and improved it. I don't have quite 1500 words, but will continue to try to work on this, too. I have the gravator done and set up some of the other things that are required.

Next Two Weeks

I will finish the twelve blogs and continue to work on the others that I have done recently. I have not really done the chat or the support that I need to do. I will try to start doing this before the next two weeks are here. I need to just do these things even if it is difficult for me. I will keep trying to move on as my goal is to succeed with this.

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