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April 21, 2021
Good Morning everyone!Today is my 100th blog day! Yeah! I've reached a milestone doing about one or two blogs a week.Also I just received confirmation from Awin. I joined Awin a few months back and I haven't done very much with Awin until I got the boot from Amazon. So I had a rethink about my direction.But now I have formed a new path and I have been accepted intoAlibaba (they sell the products that I promote)Matten Welt (by invitation from them)Fussmatte (also by invitation from them) and the
Blogging has transformed my life in such a way that it is difficult sometimes to comprehend. How about you? When writing a post or blog, I often wonder where my thoughts come from, but what I have learned is that the topics we write for our Niche websites need to be: Interesting Have passion Show knowledge about a product And provide skill levelAs newbiesWhen we are new, we are afraid to express our feelings, ideas, and opinions because we were schooled in a way where our op
April 16, 2021
This is the start of my day; just before going to work, the fog is thick, so thick that I could not see the historic house on the next property.Here is another one. At the bottom of this Image is a double story historical house built in the 1850s.Usually, when you get fog, you have a nice warm day. But today, the sun was out only for a short while, then the temperature dropped. It's now 12 degrees C. and dropping further to 4 degrees C.Have a great weekend, WA members
I received an email today from WA. saying my post has been indexedHere is what was found in Google on April 15, 2021:How to Start a business with Affiliate Marketing
April 15, 2021
Hi received this email the other day and it is in German, so of course, I'm skeptical. Can anyone enlighten me please.
In my last blog called the Benefits of Sitemaps. Irishredrose asked How do you use PowerPoint to make a Flow Chart?So now I'm following on from her question. I sent her a YouTube link but thought it would be a good idea to show you how I did this today, using one of my websites as an example.Here are the basic steps to creating your Sitemap as a presentation as a follow on from number 3 in my last blog.1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint2. Choose a design (I chose wisp for this exercise)3. select crea
April 08, 2021
Did you know that if we create 3 site maps that have various functions can be beneficial to us?I, for some reason or other, never thought about site maps. And I only assumed we only need to worry about one. Wrong!The three site maps we need to think about that will be beneficial to us include:One for our visitorsVisitors sitemap is a page that contains a list of your links to all your posts on your site, and once you have created your list, you can place your page link in your footer. One for S
Today I finally added a table of contents to both my websites. I've wanting to do it for a few months now and finally done it. Why I took so long to do this step is because I was looking for one that was easy to understand and install. I think I over-complicate simple steps at times.I wanted a straightforward one, and I wasn't sure which one was the best; after sifting through a few, I found the one that looked easy to do.The one I chose is called the "Easy Table of Contents" plugin. Steps to
April 01, 2021
Good afternoon WA. It's Good Friday here today.I received a site comment, and as I was busy and I did not read it until this afternoon in the back office at work.To whoever sent me a site comment.Here is my message to you. I spammed your comment dated 1 April 2021I found it very disgusting, and you will receive no money.What you have said does not phase me as I believe you are the scum of the earth, and I pity you. Ladies, beware of the link above.
March 31, 2021
Do you have plans and then find the unexpected happens?It seems to be that way for me and my boss this week. So what is the theory behind Murphy's Law:If anything can go wrong, it will.Today I had everything planned getting organised for the Easter weekend, my boss made easter bunnies out of face cloths, and we put easter eggs in them for the guests for Good Friday; we are running an Easter egg surprise over the long weekend. Not just for the children but adults as well.On Sunday, we will do an