What Does $240,000 a Year Affiliate Marketing look Like

Last Update: Oct 10, 2019

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To be honest I haven't ever made it that far up the ladder but it's on my bucket list. I have in my goals statement here at Wealthy Affiliate a range of desired income from the $5,000 a month a family of 9 needs to do well, to $20,000 a month or $240,000 a year as a dream amount to earn Both are very likely to resemble my life within 5-10 years.

What Does $240,000 a Year Affiliate Marketing Look Like To Me?

Right now I have no vehicle, my old van's engine seized when the timing gear went out and it would cost nearly $2,000 to put a new engine in it. Not in the budget so the plan if the money starts reaching that $5K a month part is to put a down payment on a Ford Transit 350 XLT with Rasied Top. After all I have 7 growing kids and a loving wife to transport.

The next stop on the road to $240K a year affiliate marketing is when we reach about $8,000 a month to move to Texas or Oklahoma and start buying our dream Horse Ranch.

My dad had a dream for over 50 years to start a boys ranch. A working cattle ranch with everything up to a restaurant to teach life skills and work ethics to troubled youths. While we might not be able to make the whole dream come true as the kids grow up I would love to have them learn those same ethics and a working horse ranch can do just that.

My whole family loves horses but none of us can afford them yet. I will someday be able to do just that and hopefully before my mom is too old to enjoy them.

Toys for my wife and I.

After paying for college for the kids and making sure we have provided something for retirement, my wife and I would love to have a good bass boat and a pair of performance cars. Her's a 75 Corvette Stingray and mine a Shelby 500 GT Cobra like pictures below.

We both love to go fishing and want a Good Bass Boat as well like the Z series from Ranger Bass Boats. I can imagine a different lake every weekend when weather is good and some travel when weather is bad to warmer climates. It would definitely take over $10,000 a year to make this happen but we will get there sooner rather than later in life.

Now comes the Big Bear, retirement on an affiliate marketers income.

Since we have the ranch to leave the kids, the cars and the horses, the boat, and the lifestyle of dreams and are approaching $240,000 a year it would be damned nice to travel in our golden years. It would be nice to have a home everywhere we go and there is one way to do that and it's an RV of some type. We both love the good old American Bus Conversion, preferably a Bluebird Wonderlodge, aroun $200K if bought new.

Visualization will help get you to your Affiliate Income Goals.

My preferred lifestyle wouldn't change us much from who we are, it would just change the number of dreams that came true and the quality of life we can live. More would make us more charitable, and give more to leave the kids. Less would make us more of the same people we have been in our lives so far. Honest, hard-working, loving, and giving.

All things are possible as an affiliate marketer as we choose our fate. We choose the money we make by the effort we put in. What doesn your ideal life look like?

Andy Zeus Anderson

Affiliate 3 Percent

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Great goals and great way to help your mind to keep on the good work!

Thank you.for stopping in. I know visualization works, it may take time but I will get us there.

Great goals. I like that bass boat!



Get that and I'll take you fishing.

Great goals!! Read this every single night before bed and don't give up on these goals. It takes hard work but it will definitely pay off and soon you will be checking each accomplishment off your list. Good luck on that journey to your success!! :-)

I believe fully in manifestation and know these things will be in my life at some point.

I have 7 children too! I know the struggles of a growing family, but we have learned so much by not having much. How to skimp and save, how to live within our means, being happy without many "things". I wouldn't give up those life lessons for all the money in the world. That being said, my family would love to take a trip to Disney World! That is my dream...to make enough to take them all there on a debt free vacation!

I love your dreams...especially the van. All large families needs one of those!

Definitely, you can imagine talking 7 kids to school in a mini-van I can imagine.

Hope you get where you want to be soon!
More power to you!

Dreams are goals yet to be put into plans, plans and action make goals into accomplishments and I am not going to stop making accomplishments the norm.

Great visualizations Andy - see it...make it happen!

My coach uses to tell me to line up looking at the numbers and don't stop running until there is a big thud. AKA Sack. Of course, we didn't have any roughing the passer really back then.

Go for it; It might as well be you!

Like Judd's Song "Why, not Me"?

I am such a visual nut, that how you presented your post is great.

I have pictures of MY PERSONAL GOALS now, as my goals are for ME!

This is my second round of life, as I raised my 3 daughters as a single mother, and my goals were always for them. Now that they are grown, successful and with their own families, it is my turn.
Being divorced, and pursuing my dreams, I have very high expectations for myself, and my life. While a few of them will include my family, most are for me myself and I.

Enjoyed your post very much, and remember KEEP ON TRUCKIN my friend.!!!

Keep the following.

Thanks, Carla. I made sure to not just care for us but reward us for the time and energy put in to make a great life even after the kids are all grown. One who lives entirely for others never really lives.

That is why I like your post so much, you want more for your family.

You sound like a good man, your family is very lucky to have you.
Many blessings to you all.

I like your bucket list!

All this can be yours if the price is right. With the exception of us not needing to win a game show I still love the look of the future.


Yes Wow is what I say every time I look at it and think THAT WILL BE US!

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