Week One - Journey Timeline

Last Update: October 11, 2020

Get Started - Go Premium - Share Goals

Hey All!

My first week on the WA platform coming to a close - thought is might be a good time to share my progress.

Get Started

Really didn't know what to expect when I signed up. The opportunity to start for FREE and get a look around the platform made it a 'no brainer' to get started.

Having invested the last year in following other affiliate marketing gurus, my goal in the initial few days was to skp around the trainings, play around w/ the website builder (not all site builders are created equal!) and validate the platform capabilities against other solutions.

What I learned

WA is an extremely robust platform that incorporates powerful time saving tools designed to accelerate my journey to help others while generating a signficant income.

Go Premium

Midway through the week, I joined the Premium member community - Thank you Kyle for extending the initial month offer - it helped me make my decision to move forward for 30 days and immerse myself in the trainings only available to Premium members.

Share Goals

To achieve my 'Why' of helping others, I BELIEVE that starting an online business and journaling my efforts will help others realize 'YouCanDoIt2'

Therefore, as I build my personal goals for success, WA affiliate program and niche site(s) development will serve as the foundation of my 'Why'.

Setting Week 2 Goals:

1. Increase engagement w/in community and maintain a log that monitors (in numbers) my daily rank, my daily posts, and my network size (growth).

2. Build basic website for 3 niches:

  • WA awareness site
  • Fintech niche
  • Health niche
  • 3. Continue trainings w/ goal of completing Boot Camp this week

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    Carson Premium
    Welcome to Premium Marco, you've definitely been working hard to get your business moving in the right direction. Setting Goals, Upgrading to Premium, and taking part in the Training, well done. Keep on moving forward and staying motivated, you've got this!
    GeoffreyC1 Premium
    Welcome aboard
    Radomir4 Premium
    Good job 👌
    Dorrie1 Premium
    Great job
    SCollins4 Premium
    So, you are creating three websites all at once for each niche?
    YouCanDoIt2 Premium
    Hey @SCollins4

    One site for each niche for Week 2 goals.

    Definitely goal is to extend beyond one for each niche in the future.
    SCollins4 Premium
    Thanks. I look forward to following your progress and Success.