Tony Robbins “UPW” Virtual Event 2020 Review

Last Update: July 25, 2020
“The Comeback Challenge”

My life will never be the same. Last weekend I had a phenomenal experience attending the first ever live virtual Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event. The live event started on Thursday morning and ended late Sunday night. Four incredible 13-hour days.

Tony Robbins is known for his empowering live events. Before COVID these events were held around the world in large auditoriums. Then the shutdowns came and the events had to be canceled. At first, he was angry, but then he pivoted.

He gave birth to a 360-degree virtual auditorium that could host 22,000 plus attendees via Zoom. Not only just watch via Zoom but interact and talk with Tony and each other. Zoom Rooms were created where you could chat and break up into smaller groups for interactions

Look at this incredible new venue. Wow, the learning, the music, the friends, the dance and the breakthroughs experienced like never before in history. Just imagine, the incredible opportunity this gave people from around the world to participate in UPW from the comfort of their homes with their families. At a live event the participants walk on fire. At the virtual event 22,000 people broke a board with their hand.

I am sharing this story with you today because I know we are all facing a changing future. We need to pull ourselves and pivot in the direction that will bring our online businesses to a new level. WA has created the platform for us to master creating an online business, whether this is affiliate marketing or building our own brand. If Covid has stopped you in your tracks because of a shut down learn to pivot, come back stronger, and work harder than you have ever worked before. You can be an internet “Rock Star.”

The fire that you need to move forward in your business is to Pivot into the new economy. The online audience has never been larger or more focused then today.

Tony and his Master Guests shared wisdom that can make a huge shift in your business. Below, I am sharing with you some of their secret sauce.

Create Massive Value for Your Raving Fans

(WA brings it all)

Over Deliver with Your Content

(1,000-word articles, photos, videos, simplicity in design)

Ramp Up the Love and Caring for Your Audience

Realize that your audience really need to have what you are offering, and you are offering them something to make their lives better. (You are not just writing content to put on your websites; you are giving knowledge to your visitors that will be of value)

Your readers want to know more about what you are writing about so answer their questions.

(Such as: how will XYZ be beneficial, how much does it cost, is it easy to use, what are the specs, etc.)

Offer things that your readers want verses things that they need.

(It is fun to buy things that you want).

Read and listen to comments that are being made about your niche.

You can do this by reading Amazon reviews or joining a facebook group. What do your readers coming to your content want? What are they looking for? (Ask for WA comments so you can hear what others are saying about your content, listen carefully).

There are two types of buyers: Logical and emotional.

Your content needs to sell to both types. (Give them a great story and give them the specs).

Learn to love what you are promoting.

Create a brand that will bring in a higher margin.

(Why sell a $20 handbag when you could sell a $200 or $2,000 handbag).

When things get good, don’t take your eyes off the road.

You have to keep rolling along. (Google loves fresh content).

Proximity is Power

(Be around like minded people)

Learn from the Masters

(Watch Jay’s webinars and save hours and days of trial and error).

Innovate and Market

WA has all the tools you need to build a successful business.

Your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) will not give you the rewards that you want, but becoming the

boss of your own business can provide a steppingstone to an incredible future.

How are you planning to comeback after COVID?
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Debbi26 Premium
I've heard many good things about Tony Robbins. Interesting how they did a conference via Zoom. I'm about to do one Tues and curious how they will do it with so many people. Your experience is encouraging. Thanks.

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Love Tony Robbins!
yessharon Premium
He has created a lot of "Raving Fans"
Carson2 Premium
He's a major motivator. Great to hear you were able to have this Noom experience.
yessharon Premium
The experience made me realize how fast the internet is growing and how valuable our websites are.