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If you are a content marketer or someone who needs to create and distribute content regularly, then I am willing to bet that you've experienced the dreaded "writer's block" at some point. Have you ever had the feeling that there is nothing left to write about? That you have already said everything, and all your content ideas have been used up? It is a terrible feeling, and it can be challenging to break out of. But there are ways to get back on track when this happens. The good news is there ar
“The Comeback Challenge”My life will never be the same. Last weekend I had a phenomenal experience attending the first ever live virtual Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event. The live event started on Thursday morning and ended late Sunday night. Four incredible 13-hour days.Tony Robbins is known for his empowering live events. Before COVID these events were held around the world in large auditoriums. Then the shutdowns came and the events had to be canceled. At
February 24, 2017
On March 27th, 2015 I promoted Jaaxy Keyword tool in one of my blog posts. After writing and publishing the article, following Jay’s tips from his wabinar blog went viral. Getting 267 views the first day.(The first day) Whew! That was amazing.I earned two Jaaxy sales that day. One person stayed for one month but the other Enterprise subscription continued for nine months.“The Magic of Words&rdquo
My Granddaughter asked for a Razor E100 Electric Scooter for her Birthday today. So I decided to do my research before spending my money. On the first page of Google Search Results I found this:I absolutely had to click it to make sure this scooter was safe for my Granddaughter. The link led to the following YouTube video. video was made by a younger person who did an excellent job of selling me on buying this Scooter. Such an attention grabber tit
My to-do list use to be a monster. It consisted of long lists, scraps of paper and mental notes that grew daily. I often had trouble getting organized and felt overwhelmed about all the things that I needed to do, but I didn't know where to start.Then I learned How to Use Google Task Manager and Calendar.Set yourself up to win with Google Task Manager and Calendar. Imagine having all your lists and tasks organized by priority and scheduled on your calendar. I know this seems unbelievable but yo
Set Your Goals"Begin with the End in Mind" Steven CoveyGet StartedSetup Daily Goal RemindersNever Give UpLearn New ThingsSchedule Your WorkWhat are your goals for your online business?Thanks for Stopping by,Sharon
Two weeks on March 27th, I attended Jay's weekly Friday night Wabinar. The subject was “10 Steps Required for Top Google Rankings.” I listened carefully to all of Jay's words of wisdom, as I have done for several years. When the Wabinar was over, I decided to write an article for one of my websites. This site has been dormant for quite a while. I started it as part of boot camp. Friday night after the Webinar I started writing my article and then on Saturday I finished the article. I had
The other day one of my co-workers enlightened me to Google’s Image Reverse Search. What an amazing tool to use for so many things. Google will search the web for matches to any image that you have on your computer or found on the internet. A few things that this type of search will help you with are: Find other websites related to your niche. Find descriptive wording and keywords for objects. Such as in the Midwest we use the term purse, but on the East Coast they use the term handbag. Sam
Last November I decided to create a YouTube video to share some beautiful photos that I took of "Polish Star Christmas Ornaments." This video was created as my Christmas gift to the world with no monetary intent behind it. It is simply a slide show of photos set to the music of the Polish Composer Chopin. I posted it on YouTube, Made a Pinterest Board, and added it to one of my smaller websites. A writer at the Polish Embassy picked it up and placed a link in their holiday newsletter. Just toda
In the spirit of the season and paying it forward this airline takes first place.