The Power of a Stare

Last Update: November 22, 2018

Looking at a few areas of interest here where my thoughts traveled viewing this picture.

#1 I would not want to be a fish of any kind, ocean or fresh water. Certainly not swimming to close to the surface.

#2 I would not want to be a small animal species out in the open unaware of the big bird in the sky circulating and eyeing ground movement activity. Readying itself for a meal.

#3 I would not want to be this close to this eagle, any eagle with those eyes of intensity fixed on me. Thinking here, the outcome would not be to good against the eagles skills.

#4 I see the focus is so powerful from this eagle, that this may be the same intensity I need to stay focused on my WA Training. I think I will keep this picture handy, to keep me motivated and moving forward here in WA.

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Nikoletl Premium
Hey Yarg!
This is an intense photo. I like it! It definitely shows motivation and determination. It shows relentlessness. If this photo motivates you i have a book recommendation , it’s called Relentless by Tim S Grover. I really enjoyed it, I had the audio book. I hope you can enjoy it too.
yarg Premium
Thanks for commenting on the motivator Nicolette, I will look into the book you have suggested reading. All the very best to You here at WA.