My 1st Website is on the move.

Last Update: January 28, 2019

Since becoming a WA. Member back in late 2016, I have been moving along at my own pace in ( Retirement Mode) not saying I am slowing down at this stage. Just trying to get so much done in a day.

The daily work job before retirement always took so much out of me. My work day consisted of an average 12 hours (mon-Fri) Saturday 6 hrs. Even though, I still loved my Brick and Mortar Business of 38 Years.

So the fun parts of retirement is doing all those neat things in life, that I couldn't really do or spend much time at them. Family time #1, hobbies like wood working and metal crafting, rock hounding, polishing and cutting and of course house project upgrades for my wife. Also, having time to do more with family and Friends.

OK! I can see I am loosing my grip on the topic of my Website I am enjoying the training thanks to Kyle and Carson and Jay. I am now understanding how the pieces are forming together to one day complete the puzzle of Affiliate Marketing. To the community who always have the guiding answers when my puzzle pieces are not connecting for me.

Guess I will talk about my Website another day. Just had this feeling to express my Thanks for being a part of this community and enjoying where I am within this great Wealhty Affiliate University.

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yarg Premium
Thanks for your comment. Wishing you all the best here in Wealthy Affiliate and with all your endeavors.
psalisbury1 Premium
So Glad you have more time for your family, that is so importatn