an empty day

Last Update: November 22, 2018

Third day here, only one post can be added per day as a non-premium, the good side for me is that I do not want to waste this chance to post something, and it's enough for me now, cause I don't have so many words to say...

yestoday talked for an hour with @michael326 , he is a very kind and smart person, talked about WA, about life, about making money, he encouraged me a lot, I learned a lot from him, I am glad to talk with him, we laughed a lot. During the same time, I began to image that my life can be changed here,

today is an empty day for me...just did some cheap and easy coding for nothing... just wasted my time

according to my history, keep learning and keep the enthusiasm is not easy for me

What are the goals you have been insisting on? what is the hardest part for you to persist?

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Nikoletl Premium
Hey there!
I completely understand where you are coming from and have definitely been there. When i first began here on WA it was hard to keep myself engaged because i have a full time day job that provides the money i need. It took nearly two months to fully begin developing my website and seeing the progress step by step is reassuring. I’m no where near a pro but I’m definitely enjoying my premium status. I think my biggest motivator is being to call something my own and i do enjoy writing about my niche. Maybe you need to find that perfect niche for yourself.

Either way, i believe in you and so do many others here on WA. Tjhats the beauty of it. So don’t get discouraged, keep and open mind and continue to learn and grow.

Best wishes,