Success With Amazon - and Taylor Swift, kind of.

Last Update: August 01, 2017

This post doesn’t really have much to do with Taylor Swift but let me make something very clear.

I can’t stand Taylor Swift but I love Taylor Swift!

I don’t care too much for her music but I am now forever in her debt.

No, she didn’t send an autographed picture to me, someone else in my family, or help save the world.

Far more importantly than all that, she helped push my Amazon earnings over the payment threshold for the month, so that I will get a cheque!

You have probably read many articles here from members saying that one of the great things about Amazon is the “unrelated” sales, i.e.they click on your site’s affiliate ad for an Amazon product and while browsing or shopping they decide to purchase some other item, usually totally unrelated to your products.

My site in question is about eight months old, is in the “kitchen accessories” niche (which doesn’t exactly turn my crank) but I thought I could make a little money from it, and it has started to see a little traffic lately. When I say a little traffic, I mean it. I was getting maybe two or three “impressions” per day but last month it has increased to about 10 or 11.

It is purely an Amazon affiliate site based upon product reviews and, thanks to a couple of people that I know who have culinary experience, in my case a cousin of mine and a friend who is a great cook, it also has some useful articles offering advice.

Anyway, my poor unsuspecting site visitor clicked on my link, probably got lost and ended up buying a bunch of “Taylor Swift’s Eau De Parfum Spray” and several other Taylor Swift products - have you seen how much stuff bears her name?

I can’t imagine why I didn’t think of promoting her merchandise before!

I’m also sure that Ms. Swift never dreamed that she would sell her perfumes through my kitchen related website either, but that is something she can now brag to her friends and fans about.

What’s the point of this article?

First, I didn’t earn a single penny from this site until last month, so be patient - another site took well over a year before generating anything at all.

Secondly, although the Amazon commissions are relatively low, this shows that you have the chance to earn money from any of the millions of items on Amazon and that is hard to beat.

Third. It’s a long time since I have posted anything and that was the obligatory progress article which doesn’t really count as I said nothing of any use to anyone.In the meantime, I have been more than happy to selfishly accept the advice and help from the WA community, without offering any input. I’ll try and do better, I promise.

Another lesson that I inadvertently stumbled upon, as I mentioned above, is that I found a couple of people who knew the niche far better than I did, and I turned their advice into articles. I can usually help if the subject is football, cricket, small business, or travel to and experiencing Latin America.

What now?

Well, in the words of one of Ms.Taylor’s particularly irritating songs, I am going to “shake,shake,shake” all the way to the store so I can buy a case of beer - that way my new earnings won’t be squandered.


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Gregory8 Premium
that was a very good article, thank you for that!
Xavant Premium
Thanks for your kind words Gregory. I wish you the very best.
Philipp-Rina Premium
Hahahah nice one!
Xavant Premium
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.