Phone Survey Sent Up Red Flags!

Last Update: November 27, 2012
Don't know if any of you received a phone survey like I did last night, but after thinking the entire conversation and questions I was asked, I got a very strange feeling. The questions started out harmless enough asking about smoking bans and my opinion on banning flavored cigars, the ones with cherry or rum flavoring, and others with different fruit and even vanilla.

As the phone survey continued, the questions started becoming less like a survey and more like a test. You know, the kind that want to gauge people's resistance to certain actions that are being suggested. Would I contact my members of Congress and exactly how seriously would I take that action. Considering I am a big fan of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and not a fan of big government, I gave the man some very serious answers.

Now if all these other questions were not enough, he brought up banning soda pop as he called it, later changing it to 'soft drinks' and even frozen or fresh fruit juices. Did I buy fruit juice of any kind? What about buying soft drinks? Was I totally against a ban of soft drinks? Would I go to the State Capital and protest and let my voice be heard if I were contacted by my government representatives?

The man started to ask even more serious questions that I must say, riled me up. Did I think it was ok for employers to refuse to hire people if they smoked or used tobacco products? Did I mind future bans on the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products in pharmacies or stores that had pharmacies?
What was my thoughts on having the bans and laws made the same across the country? How did I feel about the Federal and State governments taking care of all these matters since they knew more than the local officials?

Needless to say, I stated that I was totally opposed to employers being allowed to refuse to hire anyone just because they used some form of tobacco. Last count I had, we had rights in this country and we were all able to exercise those rights. I said they tried to stop alcohol use during Prohibition and that didn't work, and people would still get tobacco products if they wanted them bad enough.

I may smoke, but I do not like the smell of cigarette smoke indoors or from another cigarette. I do not feel that people should smoke around others, especially children. I am a respectful smoker and try to be very careful where I smoke when out from my home. Not everyone is so kind, but if they were it might not be such a battle to ban tobacco products.

My biggest problem with the government telling any American what they can and cannot use, is the fact that they will go to something else and it will never stop. "Big Brother" needs to tend to his own mess, aka the Fiscal Cliff, and stop sticking his nose in our individual personal business.

Now that we have Obamacare, I have to wonder what will happen next. With the government in charge of so much, will they take our liberties in the name of health care? It could be done if they so desired.

Now you know what I have had on my mind since yesterday evening. The more I thought about the questions and comments, the more red flags I started to see popping up around America. What would you have thought?
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I totally agree Lady, but the amount of spending is something that we have all known for decades. It has become a running joke that even the movie industry makes fun of. Remember the line in Independence Day where Judd Hirsch says about government spending " You don't really think they spend $10,000 on a toilet seat do you?". Unfortunately we citizens are as much to blame for allowing big brother the power he has and spends what he does. Government is like your child if you let him have a cookie today he will want two tomorrow and if you don't say no he will want three the next day and so then your problem continues to grow. We must learn to say no to big brother.
I agree that government tries to take to much control of individual rights than the mess they and their predecessors have made. I believe we all have rights, to live as we choose so long as how we choose to live does not violate anothers rights. Our forefathers said "a country by the people for the people" but government has forgotten what we were founded on. Political parties hiring survey companies really doesn't surprise me.
WVLadyRebel Premium
I agree Jewel, all of Washington, D.C. has forgotten we are the ones who put them in office, but after the last election, I am not so sure anymore. lol The government is too big and spends too much money on stupid things.
mckventure Premium
Who did the survey taker say they were working for? Would be interesting to know that. I, personally hate the survey phone calls! I would have declined from the start, but that;s just me. I can see from the questions that they were from a particular party. Freedom is not free! Hope to see Americans wake up as to what is happening. The sad fact is that most are too lazy or do not care about our freedoms.

WVLadyRebel Premium
I don't recall the name of the organization, but it didn't really give any indication of party affiliation. But, I must say that I felt it was more from a Democrat than a Republican. I have spoken with both parties in surveys and polls and so forth, they tend to all sound like the party platform if you listen to the wording of the questions. I felt it was info being gathered specifically for legislation either in West Virginia (we have a Democrat as governor and majority of Legislature is Democrat) or pending or proposed laws on the Federal level.

Well, I agree with you and I am definitely not lazy when it comes to my freedoms! I pretty much explained that to the gentleman who called...LOL He kept asking if I had anything else to add......he didn't want to get me started LOL