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Well, if I had thought the unsubscribed issue was an isolated incident, it wasn't. But, I did find out what was happening that was causing this phenomenon, a new banking system at my bank!I was busy on Wednesday and didn't sign in to WA at all. Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I tried to sign in and get on WA, I received the same message, "You are unsubscribed", and I was figuring it was no big deal. Boy, was I wrong!I tried multiple credit cards with plenty of money on them
It is not a good way to start your business day to check emails and find somehow you have "unsubscribed" from Wealthy Affiliaate. Imagine my shock, and I had only had one cup of coffee!Upon starting the second cup of coffee, I re-read the email, clicked the re-subscribe link and submitted my information once again. This was not my best time of day at 6:20 a.m. EST!Do not understand how I got unsubscribed, as I certainly did not do it myself. Still pondering the possibilities...was I hacked?
I have been so overwhelmed with the response I received when I asked for feedback for my site and help getting things straight with the WordPress stuff.If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be involved with WAU and that the members were so kind and helpful and giving, I would have chuckled. I would have figured someone was in their local Walgreen store again or on something that made them think nice thoughts. The world has become so "ME" oriented that it is hard to believe a com
Well, I have been thinking and thinking and it is not getting me answers to the many questions I have going through my little head. I am waiting on the results of any helpful WAs advice and opinions on my site so far. I might as well start asking the really big questions so I know what I am doing and which direction I am going. I plan on going forward, but how is the big question right now.I was going to try to figure Affiliate Marketing out for myself before Ian brought me to Wealthy Affiliat
I have been slowly adding content to my website and blogging also. I have been wondering about the site for days and I really would like to have some WA members check it out and give me your opinions and advice on what to do or what to add, what to change, etc.Your help would be greatly appreciated. I want to do this right and having no other knowledge than what I have learned here at WA, I am a bit nervous that it isn't what it needs to be.Thank you all in advance for your help!Debbie
December 30, 2012
I have been putting off blogging on my website, but I think it is high time to get started. My niche is so personal to me, but I want to help others who have to face the decisions and searching for answers to help them care for their sick and elderly parents. I cannot say I was unwilling, more that I was afraid and scared I would make the wrong decision or do the wrong thing. No one prepares you for dealing with the process of your parents dying, much less how to care for them during this pro
Have you ever heard the saying "I was looking for an orchid, and I overlooked a rose?" I guess that describes my search for narrowing down my niche. I listened to everyone's helpful advice and started to whittle away at the 'health weight loss' or health and wellness niches. I kept searching keywords and phrases, checking all the particulars and then I remembered a comment about seniors or the elderly. It was like lights went on in my brain and I could see so clearly the path I n
December 03, 2012
I am really enjoying my time here at WA and learning so much about everything. My problems seem to be coming from the following directions: my husband, whom I love dearly, who wants me to get rolling and making money, my advertisers who are clammoring about their ads for the Christmas Season, and all the things I need to learn and do at WA and Street Articles.I try to read the blogs and posts, and read Street Articles and then get ready to writing an article, which I am so far behind on I thin
Don't know if any of you received a phone survey like I did last night, but after thinking the entire conversation and questions I was asked, I got a very strange feeling. The questions started out harmless enough asking about smoking bans and my opinion on banning flavored cigars, the ones with cherry or rum flavoring, and others with different fruit and even vanilla. As the phone survey continued, the questions started becoming less like a survey and more like a test. You know, the kind