Do You Understand Hangouts?

Last Update: April 08, 2013

A Chance to Meet in Person Or Close to it.

Hangouts are awesome.

This new option and so many things that google and the world of technology offers is impressive.

Due to technology, not only can we write to someone or anyone. They may be right next to you, or it could be they live on the other side of the world from you. They can instantly receive your note. Just as instantly you can return it giving you this opportunity to speak, Wow is that cool or what. I have been around awhile, I remember when it took three days for someone to receive a letter. I am sure compared to the days of the pony express even that was amazing. Now Messaging is instant, Then the telephone happened which was better than the message system via morse code, then cordless phone, and then cell phones.

Advancements in Technology

It is exceedingly hard to grasp the awesomeness of the computer and emails. Now there are chat rooms. And how about skype and Facetime with the live you visual on the other end. I know these are not all in order, but they are all the advancements that to me, are mind blowing,

My favorite advancement now is the google Hangout anyone can join in. There are few things that you will need. Wifi or internet, a camera and a microphone. These might be part of you device. or it is possible to purchase them separately.

You can still enter of course without the microphone or camera, then it will be the same as a chat room. You can use text to ask your questions and give your two cents. If you are anything like me, you’ll need more than two cents especially in today's economy.

These days the price of a camera and microphone are very reasonable. And there are people who don’t have a camera or just opt to have it off then you still have audio. Which is fine.

If You Have Never Been....

I have been to two of these Hangouts and gleaned some excellent information and useful instructions. I was able to throw out my opinion of many things (not all may agree with me that this is good.)The best benefit of all is you will meet some genuinely great people.

Hangouts can be initiated by anyone. So it can be family of a group of people, that share the same interest.

Come Meet Some Great People

When you join this WA. Hangout these people share the same passion in that they want to learn to work from home. The person leading these Hangouts has years of experience and was able to answer all our questions. We all enjoyed this from the comforts of your home.

For me, Hangouts are significant because I don’t type fast and sometime offend people when I don’t mean to. When writing emotions are not always apparent so, when teasing it does not always come out that way. I think you get the point.

I live in the San Diego area in an instant I was able to talk to people from, NY., Alabama Texas, Mexico and many more parts of the world. This variety of locations, is the hard part of the Hangouts. Our time zones are different. There are people who need to stay up way past their bed times and some it might be right at dinner time. But the benefits of the Hangout outweigh the pitfalls.

You Have an Invitation .....Now Come Hang Out with us

To sum this up, if you hear that there will be a Hangout, please join in. I know everyone would be pleased to meet you.

OR remember you can create your own just look up how on google plus

Thank you and hope to see you there. I think I talk better than I write HMMM maybe not always a good thing.

God bless


Come and see us Friday!
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kaliinozarks Premium
I heard there is a Hangout on Friday about 9:30 p.m. Central - I plan to be there
nathaniell Premium Plus
I just did a google hangout and it was pretty cool. A little weird because I didn't know anyone - it's almost just like REAL LIFE. Lol. But yes, definitely cool, and I'll be looking to hang out some time.
wtbee2013 Premium
Awesome! look forward to it. Thanks for reading this
wtbee2013 Premium
Left you a message on your google pus. Please go to the link
Shawn Martin Premium
I like them, but they make me look fat......... :P
wtbee2013 Premium
Well they make me look old. ;^P