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Last Update: May 09, 2018


I have set up two websites. One was a transfer of a site I had set up for business consulting and never used, and I am planning to use it to promote my consulting services, as well as tools, products and workshops. I have a different approach to consulting and focus on fulfillment factors.

The second one will be promoting to small business owners specifically, and primarily with WA promotion.

There can be a lot of repurposing of content between the two. Because of my professional background, I know I can knock out about 8, 1k+ word blog posts, including images and links in two part time evenings after kids go to sleep. That is enough to supply both websites with content. Then I'll need to schedule in social media posts and what not, which I hate, but will do and grumble to my computer about it!

Not All Good Keywords Have Good Affiliate Potential

The original niche I was planning to do, on proposal management (must of my business is related to this), had some great keyword opportunities, and domain names... but the companies catering to this industry don't leverage afiliate marketing on the whole. I dont feel like I would be able to provide the right value at this point. For some niches, I have learned, you really have to research the affiliate opportunities before taking the plunge! I'm putting it on the back burner for now, but may buy a related domain now just because!

The Conundrum

And then, the writer in me really wants to do more; Ihave so much momentum going right now. A website just related to something I enjoy from a personal perspective, not just professional. I have found a niche to fill in this gap, and already started the keyword search, but am hemming and hawing about whether to take the plunge, on a third website, completely unrelated, and set aside a third night each week for content development...

Should I? Anyone run three sites right from the beginning? I need a go-for-it! ... or a hell-no!


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AxelPTY Premium
Way to go! It's amazing all the things you've done in so little time...not only that, you have a very busy schedule, you are a single mother of 4 and you are a professional; that's admiring and inspirational. Congratulations.
Keep on going, do everything you want as many sites as you can. The sky is the limit...(oh well, here at Wealthy Affiliate the maximum number of sites for Premium members is 25, but it's a lot anyways).
As long as you do it pretty good, rich content and unique, do it!
Nice job.
Steven-A Premium
The general wisdom is get one working before branching out but I we all know how you feel
AlexEvans Premium
Sometimes we can create a rod for our backs without realizing. Creating three websites straight out of the gate is a big ask on the content front. In the initial phases, we can be pumped, it is the long haul that can cause us issues.

Just a couple of sense, get one up and running set some goals around content, hit those targets, create that routine, bed it in and then move on to the next one.

Best wishes Tabatha, you will and can do it.