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My mom had me when she was 19. She named me Tabatha, with this particular spelling, because she saw it in the credits of an episode of Bewitched. Her cravings were 7/11 cherry pies and mountain dews. She went into labor at the laundr-o-mat, and called her Aunt and sister - Aunt to take her to the hospital (she didn't have a car), and sister to finish her laundry. Arriving at the hospital having only visited a OB once during her pregnancy, they placed her in a room, and left her alone. She was a
One of my top goals with joining WA was to engage with the community here as much as possible. Help where I can, while learning everything I can. And in my short start - it's been invaluable. I have quite a few notes building up just from little tidbits I glean while engaging in the comments here at WA. I've also noticed a motif amonst many new members. They state they are dedicated, but how do I do this and make money now. Or, I'm dedicated but I have no time. Making time work for you has a le
May 09, 2018
Just a quick post to say my sites are indexed!!! So now that Google knows they are there, time to get some traffic to my content! I love how the WA website alerts us to the little and big milestones; combined with the tasks and training s, and community I’m staying motivated and engaged. Which can be a challenge when when you are pursuing the path alone and have so many other obligations to distract you. Goodnight everyone!
StatusI have set up two websites. One was a transfer of a site I had set up for business consulting and never used, and I am planning to use it to promote my consulting services, as well as tools, products and workshops. I have a different approach to consulting and focus on fulfillment factors. The second one will be promoting to small business owners specifically, and primarily with WA promotion. There can be a lot of repurposing of content between the two. Because of my professional backgrou
May 06, 2018
I really am so happy I signed up for Premium with WA. I learned a LOT in Level 1 and know it will only bring more value from here. The structure of the lessons fit well with how my schedule works, as I can always finish knowing I accomplished something. So, on to Level 2 of Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website. I have two websites currently being set up, one is a WA promotion site, and the other is my business consulting site, which I am restructuring to not only help bring in consultin
This is my first post! I am brand spanking new here at Wealthy Affiliate. I've been so pleased with all of the welcoming messages and amazing content available, I thought no better time than the present to give the community some quick tips on polishing content. And yes, I am a professional writer and editor. :-)Once you have finished writing your content, go through this quick three step process and you'll be amazed at your improved effectiveness:1. Zoom Out. Zoom out so your article is about