We never run, We walk

Last Update: December 27, 2018

It not so much the falling down that hurts, it's seeing that everyone is just standing there watching, so you pull yourself up out of the dirt and dust the crap from your knees, you straighten yourself up and on you go again maybe not so fast this time and at a nice walking pace.

It's the falling down and no one helps you get back up that's what hurts. When all the promises of helping and they tell you that we are a strong community join our FB masterclass group and then reality sets in and you know no-one is going to help you if anything when you do ask for help and you let them know what your idea is they take it from you and bend you over without a kiss or 10 cents in your hand so you don't feel cheap they don't even use a lube just straight out ram and dry. So if you want to avoid any of this painful experiences I suggest you go to their FB page and see what their chatting about and see how successful they really are because most of these new Entrepreneur Gurus with their fast cars and fast talking buy my program, they only point out the odd succesfull student making there first sale and its always a nice high end figure, so you have to ask yourself right! what are all the other students earning?

So if you run you theres a good chance your going to fall overf and you'll miss everything cause your focus is just infant of you, so Crawl before you walk and when you start to walk take your time and take it all in so you don’t miss anything. A strong community is a strong family and every family needs a parent, I'm a parent that needs a family and that’s why I'm here in WA. were they talk the talk and walk the walk hand in hand. There is no I in team…..

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Eaka1 Premium
Thanks for sharing!Success with WA!
JKulk1 Premium
Welcome aboard Keith. Jim
Cass51 Premium
Hi Keith, great decision joining WA, we really are a community that helps each other and picks you up when you fall. All the best, Cass
smartketeer Premium
Welcome to the family Keith!

Wise decision!

I suggest you to follow the training and all your questions will be answered. You should start here: Godspeed!