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Last Update: June 22, 2019

I'm siting here watching my boys play video games. And I'm thinking, "what if they spent as much time starting their own websites marketing their favorite video games as they do wasting time playing them?" You know, that's kind of like, when a drug dealer starts using his own product... It's a little bit counter-productive to the Bottom Line, not to mention the other hazards that may arise from The Boss.

Well, I want to be my own boss. I'm already the one in charge on the job I currently have, and let me tell you... STAH-RESS!! (stress) It's almost not worth it. That's why I upgraded to Premium. I ain't foolin' around. I make good money where I'm at, and when I replicate that same amount of money working here, utilizing the tools that are available at WealthyAffiliate, I'm going to "disappear" like in a Mafia movie. Only to reappear online, in my living room in my jammies! Coffee will be Gourmet. Brazillian. Rare. Can't get it in the US. Breakfast will be slow and fresh. Mmmm, can you smell the bacon? Me too.

So I'll be bringing home "The Bacon" from a new source. And my children? Well, they just might become the little Bacon Bosses that they want to be once they see their Dad suceed!


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ExpatMark Premium
America makes the worst coffee in the world. Lyiv smells like fresh brewed coffee and fresh baked bread all the time.

Working54 Premium
Thank you, ExpatMark.

I know its been a minute since I've posted any new blogs on WA. I think I'm ready to contribute something new now. Been focusing on completing the Training.

Have a Good Day, Dude! (or evening wherever you are in the world)