Attitude change? Is it possible?

Last Update: May 12, 2016

We all have shells. Exceptionally my shell was created from the best existing material for the body shells. My website is running well and got visitors from 22 countries around the word. Last 3 mount I got 5,000 visitors. And will soon have more and more. Questions is hot. How to monetize in my niche optimal way? Of course, I earn $23,45 by PPC. Next year maybe will be $99.99. Not enough to send to me check. Has to be more than $100.00 Here is temporary death end for me. This is the short story with long consequences.

What to do next?

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JudeP Premium
Wish I could help but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone :)
womo2015 Premium
I disagree with you. Any trap or as I call it "death end" has to have the solution. My energy is wasted for not significant steps in progress. And this is my search now. Change it NOW. Not later. :)
Twinsmother Premium
You have to have patience with yourself first. Nothing will change until you change it yourself. Patience Patience Patience.