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August 28, 2014
Have we come a lonnnggg way baby! Can you guys even remember when this was big time convenience? Now, everybody has a phone connected to their hip, or their ear (LOL). People can chat or work from just about any place of their choosing. Some of you of course will not ever be able to understand how far technology has really taken us. Others will chuckle. And now with the United States Postal Service hanging on by a thread to preform its services and stay in business because of all the n
This phrase is one that most people have heard at one time or another. It generally was understood as a common person who had a variety of skills, but was not actually proficient at any. When I researched the term I shouldn’t have been surprised, but Jack was just a common term for anybody and this person was usually a Master Craftsman. Funny how things can get turned around. Then I started to think about all the things that I have been learning here at Wealthy Affiliate. So many cour
Good morning all, I need to go off to work here in a little while, but I just wanted to share a thought with all my friends and maybe even make more friends. I was thinking this morning and led to write a new blog for my website I would like to share. Thanx for the time in reading it, if you should so choose. I would appreciate any feedback you want to share.
August 18, 2014
Well here I am at Wealthy Affiliate learning how to build websites. I started this journey on June 8th of this year with the hopes of learning how to make affiliate marketing work for my piggy bank. I have had some success, I've made a little bit over $30 so far with my website I am beginning to understand more and more about taking care of my visitors, public relations and social networking. I now know what a URL is, as well as meta tags, google anyalitics
Being from Asbury Park, NJ, I have been a lifelong NFL Giants fan. We used to call them the Jersey Giants. Last week David Wilson addressed the media about how his retirement after only two seasons because of a serious neck injury in the NFL, would redirect the path of his life. With his broken heart he offered us all some truly remarkable advise. I hope his words give us all a moment to pause. david wilson farewell speech thanx for reading this and watching the video.
August 11, 2014
Hey there everyone, hope your day is bright and fertile. I’ve been gardening all my life from the east coast to the west coast. It is all basically the same, build yourself some good soil, plant some seeds, water and watch. You feed your garden, you remove unwanted weeds and yes, I even talk to my plants. As the seeds open the root system is established, then we see stalk and leaf growth and then we see fruit.We the members, we are the plants that live in the soil. Some of us are tomatoe
July 21, 2014
Days of Summer When I was a kid, the family made a point of doing picnics and BBQ’s with friends and neighbors. Those were the days when you could just let your kids roam the neighborhood without worrying about weirdo’s. Well, my kids are grown and mostly living with their own families. So, I encourage them to do stuff together. Life is short, we just don’t realize it when we’re young. We only have about 15 summers with our kids and then they very quickly learn to make other pl
July 07, 2014
Well howdy all you wa’ers, It has been about a month now since I started here. My goodness it feels like a year. When I started I was looking for a job. For about 2 weeks I was able to get into my lessons and start building my website. It was slow going and still learning about all this technology stuff. The blogs were great and I learned a lot from reading them. The questions were informative as well. I’m still in the middle of level 3, but I am ho
June 13, 2014
IT BEGINS I have been reading about a lot of different kinds of people here at WA and a lot of people are from a lot of different places. When I first came to WA I was looking for a new beginning, I was tired of doing things the way I was always told to do things. I got right into the lessons and I was following them with passion in hopes of results. This was all very new to me, you have to know I know so little about technology I don't even have a cell phone. I became so involved with the l