Keeping a focus on the goal. Even when you don't see it.

Last Update: March 22, 2019

I find it rather ironic that for over 10 years as a bank manager, I was more than capable and very good at helping others achieve their financial goals or help them get out of a financial crunch.

Then, as a business consultant for 15 years, myself and 6 other colleagues, could streamline a business and bring it to the next level when even the owner couldn't see that far or that much success.

During most of that time, as an Officer in the Reserves, I helped young Cadets become the best that they could be. And yet...

And yet, I found myself always running after the shiny new object on "the internet". I had heard of many peoples, some where even clients of my accountant, who were smashing it either selling through Amazon, their website, drop-shipping or through this thing called Affiliate Marketing.

I knew I didn't want to sell via amazon or drop-shipping (which I had done in the mid 80's), even though it was very lucrative, I didn't want to have to follow through with all the paperwork, time to spend on orders and products, etc...

Affiliate Marketing... Now that sounded too good to be true... And it was...when I was purchasing products that told me that I'd be making thousands of dollars almost at the flip of a switch...

I had heard and even joined Wealthy Affiliates but had never DEDICATED the TIME and EFFORT to reach the GOALS I wanted!

Skip forward a few years, grey hair and some wisdom and the situation has changed. I've learnt more in the past few weeks of dedication to WA than any other program I had joined in the past 6-7 years!

It won't happen overnight; it might not be the thousands I'm looking for but I know that when I get that FIRST sell, I'll be on the road to the success I'm building!

For the new members who graciously gave me their time by reading my entry, thank you and please, if you're thinking of quitting - don't - give yourself the time to learn and apply what you're learning to get to where you want.

Thanks for reading me & enjoy your week-end!


P.S. The shoes of a Military member don't shine overnight; they shine because he put the "spit-shine time" to bring them there.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Marc, you will be feeling good about your progress, the thing about WA is that the process works, the hardest thing is to simply follow.

Many folks get caught on the constant sushi bar conveyor belt of online products.

When we come across something really good the best thing to do is follow through.

Best wishes.

Wolfe222 Premium
Thanks for taking the time to read & for your comments - so true!

have a great week-end,