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March 23, 2019
Welcome to the week-end; time to relax - but not too much!I had the great pleasure of meeting a man while I was at a conference a few years ago. He had climbed mount Everest a few years back.What he told me during our conversation had a profound impact on how I saw peoples AND goals. He was definitely proud of having climbed and reached the top of Mount Everest but to him, that was secondary. The peoples he had met along his journey; how they had helped him reach his goal but more importantly,
I find it rather ironic that for over 10 years as a bank manager, I was more than capable and very good at helping others achieve their financial goals or help them get out of a financial crunch.Then, as a business consultant for 15 years, myself and 6 other colleagues, could streamline a business and bring it to the next level when even the owner couldn't see that far or that much success.During most of that time, as an Officer in the Reserves, I helped young Cadets become the best that they c
You know you're on the right track when you open your computer to check your WA Messages even before picking up your first cup of coffee!It's been a while since I've been "pumped up" and energized to fully participate in a program. I think the responses and well wishes are definitely helping.PURPOSE of the GOAL is now something I go to bed with AND wake-up!Have a fantastic day everyone!Marc
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March 19, 2019
I've done more in 4 days to reach my financial goals than in the past 5 years... How? By becoming a Premium Member at WA and finishing Level 1!
After so many years running after the "next shiny program", I found a home at WA where everyone wants to see you succeed!Great to be able to say that I've got my website up & should be ready to sell shortly!cheers!