Just Wondering!

Last Update: July 11, 2016

Sometimes, as I my mind begin to wonder, I say to myself;

why can't we all get alone?

what would I do if I had a lot of money?

am I doing enough with what I have?

what about the hungry?

what about the homeless?

what would people think about me, if I said something ugly?

can I always mean what I say and say what I mean?

These are just some of the questions I ask myself when I'm wondering.

What about you?

In our uniqueness, which we had no control, I think we should be thankful for who we are, what we have and pray for those who are less fortunate.

Just Wondering,


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misticbaby Premium
You so right because we all feel some kind of sadness when it comes to homeless people. My hearts goes out to them. One day God is going to bless us to bless others. Keep the faith.
WMcNeal40 Premium
Right On! Thank you.
Calmkoala Premium
I am thankful that I have the ability to help myself and my family and try to support those who can't where I can :)
WMcNeal40 Premium
Great! Charity begins at home.
JudeP Premium
I am extremely grateful for what I do have and then make plans for what I don't have and how to attain my dreams :)
WMcNeal40 Premium
What ever success we attain, it always with the help of someone else.
Tensae27 Premium
This is a question to many of us...and when I ask myself I find myself not doing enough...if all of us do a tiny bit of what we could do...the world would be different...I pray we get the courage to do same while we have the chance.
Great post. Thanks for sharing! Sara
WMcNeal40 Premium
Yes, Yes, Yes. I couldn't have said it better. Thank you very much.
VinceDaCosta Premium
Thank you WMcNeal. I am with you when you are thinking those things. I think of the 95% of the 6 Bil that do not have what we have, and what can I do. Right now all I can do is send them positive heart vibrations and ask our Creator to take care of them.
WMcNeal40 Premium
I'm sure you are brightening someone's life. We may not realize it, but, It's really the small things that really count.

Thank you for your comments.