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October 31, 2016
Hi everyone, After interesting in my previous blog I started a Guest blogging Facebook Group for members of WA who are interested.Go to join and introduce yourself.Add your website URL and tell everyone about your Niche. Look around and see if any other members have sites you are interested in and invite them to guest blog.This is for the community and the more of us who wet involved the better it will work.Cheers Kev
October 30, 2016
We all know how hard it is to rank high in the search engines and one of the contributing factors is back-links.I have been struggling with this and was thinking of a way to build solid links to my site so the search engines would take notice.The other day a member of the WA community read my post and asked if I would guest post on his site. Of course I agreed and wrote the post and sent it off to him.This set off the entrepreneur in me and I thought what if we could put together a group who ar
I have written posts on this before and I wanted to highlight how important this is to your business.If you are an affiliate you are selling the same product as thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of other affiliates out there. You have to set yourself apart for everyone else. Find your Value Selling Point and develop your message based on this.When you have done this you need to identify your audience then get to know them better than you know yourself. Find out what they are interested in,
Not many here in the WA community will know what Aquaponics is so I will give you a quick overview.Aquaponics is a very ancient method of growing dating back thousands of years. It was taken up by Canadian researchers in the early 1990s and since then it has taken off as a commercial and home growing option for those wanting to produce organics food at low cost.Aquaponics operates using both fish and plant. The water from the fish pond is circulated through the growbed and fertilises the plants
A while ago I wrote a blog on how I discovered I was not addressing my audience in the area they were looking for help.I was promoting the product and how good it is. My niche is Aquaponics Gardening.After some research I discovered 57% of people who visited my biggest competitor were coming from the health niche or going there after visiting the site.So I added health related keywords in my Bing ad campaign. The result was incredible, I doubled the click through rate and increased the optin ra
Lead magnets are a vital part of you funnel. A way to encourage readers to sign up for your list and become part of your business.But how do you decide what your Audience wants or needs. What is there pain and how can you deliver a quick solution. Something short but useful they can use immediately.First you need to know your audience, if you don't then you should not be thinking about creating lead magnets. You are not at this stage in your business.So, when you know your audience's pain you c
October 16, 2016
You have to ask yourself, "Why would anyone buy from me"And when you do you have to consider, there are millions out there selling the same thing. Take WA, 800,000 members. Being very conservative, 50% would be affiliates. They are all selling exactly the same product as you, same compensation plan, same community, same training and same support.Now, why is someone going to pick you from this crowd?Have you heard of USP? Unique Selling Proposition. You have to find your's. We all have something
This is a question many of us ask ourselves. Perhaps I can get this business going if I have more time?Well, unless you have a huge savings account and can support you and your family's current lifestyle for the next twelve months I would say NO.Building an online business is hard enough without having the stress of paying bills with no income. There is also the capital needed to fund your business. Marketing and advertising cost, subscription costs and paying for a mentor. Yes this is somethin
These day we have so many distractions. Phones, email, Facebook, chat and so on. With all these distractions it is so easy to loose focus on what we are trying to achieve.Time management is not just related to business, it is our life we are managing. So what is the one thing we can do to achieve effective time management. "Do one thing at a time". I hear you saying it is impossible. Well in these days it is if you do not turn off the everyday distractions we face.This means, your phone, your F
I thought I was addressing my audience's pain but recently I learned I was very wrong.The Aquaponics niche is my passion and I wrongly thought I knew what people in this niche were looking for.After doing some research into my audience I found a very interesting facts about what they are really looking for.So let me explain. I am in the DIY Aquaponics niche. Those who want to build their own backyard aquaponics garden. So naturally my main keyword is 'DIY Aquaponics". I was addressing what I th