Am I wrong?

Last Update: March 25, 2015

! member told to stop blogging about God am I wrong?

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Wiseman1 Premium
Well that what I taught So thanks to all my family here at wealthy affiliate God bless you for you strong words of advise to me.
jeffburch Premium
Why would you have to stop writing about something you believe in? If You wish to express your thoughts on the matter I believe you should do so. It matters not what others think or say what matters is what you think and feel. God is in a book that has outlasted any book the information will continue to be shared as long as man has existences. I say if they do not like your work then they can go to another blog that pleases them. Amen
Garden77 Premium
Not so, I am only here four months, just don't make it into a political venue. I mean how could you stop somebody from their normal day to day sayings like God bless and citing certain great sayings from the past or future concerning the same. The whole thing as I understand it came from the believer's point of view. I don't know I'm researching as it is such a controversial subject. Peace and spirituality to you
HoJo007 Premium
The bottom line is that you are not really violating any rules and any member can literally choose whether or not to follow you and therefore, they can very easily ignore your posts about God because they won't even know that they've been posted.

As long as you are not projecting your personal beliefs or telling someone what they should or shouldn't believe, I personally see no harm and considering that any member can easily avoid these topics by imply unfollowing, I am not sure why they are so concerned about it. The same way they don't think you should project your personal beliefs about something is kind of the same thing they are doing and therefore, if you ask me, makes them a bit of a hypocrite.

It's a fine line and a sensitive topic, but do what makes you happy, as long as you are respecting others in the community and not pushing your beliefs on anyone, again, I see no harm. All the best!
Duuski Premium
I don't think its wrong to blog about something that you are passionate about. If it's annoying them they can just unfollow you.